Top 20 Best Free iOS 7 Tweaks and Apps

In the video below, we demonstrate how a jailbroken iOS7 iPhone can have the potential of so many tweaks and apps. Just watch and you will learn the best 20 IOS7 apps and tweaks absolutely Free ! Your iPhone will be worth much more and you will now have control over so much your device is capable off. Demonstrate to all your friends and watch them beg you to show them all the cool graphic stuff, simlock options , apps functionality and much much more !

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itweakz zz says:

i liked your videos every time i see but i want to give a suggestion and
that is to write a list of all the tweaks below…..that will be great


Are these compatible with iPod Touch 5th gen 2014 edition?

Omar Omario says:

i can do all that on my galaxy without any tweaks

EeDoesSaints - Daily says:

great video and great tweaks!!!!!

jack burgess says:

A lot of respect for this guy ;)

feim biba says:

I cant hear a thing ;(

John Braddock says:

Nice list!

ii FaNGZ x says:

whats the name of a tweak when u hav loads of apps open and when u swipe up
the homescreen it closes all apps?

Thor Gameplays says:

When i use dockshift I put transparent but doesn’t change anything, it
stillwith the blur!

Somebody answer me please, thanks for everybody!

King Moses says:

How did u do the folder glitch?

Jorgen Lempert says:

I cant find Emphasize please give me another possebility

Leopika CHANNEL™ says:

StatusHUD is the best for the volume!


DocOf Snaps says:

Anybody know the tweak that allows you to scroll back and forth on your
keyboard to easily delete incorrect letters or words ? 

mazdaspeed96 says:

How do you get emphasize? I can’t find it in cydia.

Shalkar Muratgali says:

Is there a tweak where the camera button is hidden in the lock screen?

Santiago Lafarga says:

Emphasize soesn’t even exist in cydia ???

Jessica O says:

It must take a long time to go through so many tweaks and try them out, see
if they’re worth it or not and then making a video that helps people out a
lot. I’d just like to thank you, you have helped make my everyday use of an
iPhone more functional and exciting. I always look forward to your videos.
Thank you :)

Tabitha Cragan says:

So my friend started jailbreaking her phone and in the middle of it her
power went off and stopped the jailbreak. I’ve been trying to research what
she should do but I’m not finding anything. She also lives in the UK so
time differences are kinda sucking right now. Should she restart the
jailbreak and go from there, or?? Any ideas? Please help. 

ThreezForGiez says:

Terrible tweaks and terrible tutorial dislike

Jimmy Mendez says:

I love eminems music

Xtreme Gaming Minecraft, Gta and more says:

Your awesome and helped me customize my phone.

Patrick Mcglynn says:

GOD do I miss switchspring. It doesn’t work on 8.1 .. nor does sacarius.. I
checked that too .. lol

Edmund Lee says:

This Tutorial its working!
*JailbreakBJ. c om*
check, you dont have what to lose!

connor wardrop says:

I downloaded a theme and I do not know how to change it back to normal can
u help

TecnoGaming says:

Sources please?

Dark Funeral says:

iTwe4kz I just installed Blurred Music App and it seems not to work…
Please help that would be great. 

DAv5628Kill says:

I almost installed all these tweaks thanks for the video

ARGaming900 says:

Does anyone know the tweak where I can set custom LS notification text?

Skyler Mcknight says:

How did you get springbored settings on control settings

Δ says:

How did you get rid of the signal dots?

Sofia Siddiqui says:

When I downloaded Sicarius all of my tweaks and apps were gone!

Matthew Alsop says:

News & Tutorials to help you understand your iDevice
*JailbreakBJ. com.*
Check it!!

pound58 says:

I couldn’t fine emphasize in cydia… 


Do you like Hollywood Undead, dude?

TheNameIsBailey says:

“Its really dark down there” XD !!!!!

TommieMcLean says:

This will show you how to Unlock your iOS device safe
*JailbreakBJ. c om*.
check, you dont have what to lose!!!

Darin Dial says:

My auki doesn’t work, the reply button and quick compose aren’t there.

NJH Tom says:

Is bite your apple safe

Josh Sinclair says:

This is my first jailbroken device can u plz make a video of the most
helpful tweaks

valbona veliu says:
Owen Lamb says:

How do u get cydia

Hatem Hossam says:

how do i get the free apps from cydia on ios 8.1 after i jailbreak? is
there is any AppSync for ios8+ ? 

parody master says:

What is the tweak you used the most and that is creative? 

ErinTurco21 says:

LOL half this basic shit can be done on Android without tweaking out your
device at all, just goes to show how unlucky apple users are.

Laurence Unabia says:

What tweak does make your icons move when you switch screens?

Silas ThomsonK says:

I have jailbreak my iPhone with this tutorial!!
*JailbreakBJ. co m*.
Working tutorial!!

Caleb Fontenot says:

Wow. This was uploaded on the last day of 2013

TeriyakiChicken3 says:

Is sicarius working for anyone on 7.1.2 keeps crashing for me whenever i
try and quit all

ULTRAGAM3R27 says:

U sound like FaZe Temperrr

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