Top Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.0.2 Jailbreak Pre iOS 9.1 & iOS 9.2 – Pangu Compatible: December 2015

Here are more great “Top 10” Pangu compatible Cydia jailbreak tweaks, for December 2015. NOTE: Your device must already be jailbroken, in order to take advantage of these tweaks.

1. Splitify – adds partial split screen support; works best on iOS devices with larger screens
2. Medusa (for iPad) – if you have an older iPad that does not support multitasking features, use this for “slide over” and “split view”
3. Goodges – replaces standard badges with custom display options
4. Native YouTube Share – provides ability to share a video directly, rather than through YouTube’s share function
5. Censio – modifies Cydia, to provide app reviews and other information, to give it a more “App Store” feel
6. DeleteForever – provides ability to permanently delete photos
7. Cylinder – allows you to add various animation effects to the icons on your devices “Home” screen
8. OneTapClear – allows you to just tap the “X” to clear all notifications
9. Zeppelin – provides theme-based icons to replace your cell carrier’s logo
10. StatusBright – lets you control screen brightness from your device’s status bar

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