What Does Jailbreaking do? And Should I Jailbreak?

Just a preview of a few of the minor tweaks you can do with a Jailbreak.


Does jailbreaking void warranty ?

while the answer is yes , apple will never know if you restore your phone so there is no risk at all if you backup your phone and restore before going to apple store!

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robert rapelje says:

im worried about what can happen!!!´╗┐


Nice vid. I think im gonna jailbreak my iphone´╗┐

Tayyab Malik says:

i think a jailbreak is stupied

Andy Leon says:


Leon Capaldo says:

great vid!

ruben ibarra says:


Able is shit says:


baileymilesy01 says:

Why can’t I like this

Ed bob says:

Great Video

SJ HARI says:

can you update your ios when you jailbreak. pls answer

hellyeah says:


evilninjaz99 says:

Great video!

Seth Mays says:

hehehe his company

Amero Editz says:

Cool phone

conejo cardona says:

but after jailbreaking can you download apps from itunes?

rafael deoliveira says:

do u know how to jail break the ipod 5g

Streaky6 says:

yay! i finnaly know what that does!

haNdballnut says:

I have a question. I think it is really great to jailbreak. But what does
it do to your phone. I know it adds more customization to your phone, but I
am interested in what it does to the software of your device. Like does it
not run iOS anymore? I am not worried, I am just curious. Like what does it
do to the files of your device? If possible, reply as a video response. DO

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