What Does Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Mean?

Explaining what jailbreaking is and what the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are. In this video I cover alot of things that every person should know before they began jailbreaking there iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Jailbreak can be an amazing step into a new experience with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Thank you for watching. Please be sure to susbcribe for more over the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Please also comment and thumbs up. Thank you!

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iPad 2 Jailbreak
iPad 2 jailbreak
iPad 2 jailbreak

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J Ryan says:

Jailbreaking just isn’t worth it. I realise that even more since recently
getting an iOS device. If you want the freedom and power that root brings
then an Android device is the phone for you. You lose the full security and
stability of the closed Apple ecosystem if you Jailbreak your device. Trust
me, if you want the things Jailbreaking brings you Android is more for you
plus it can give you even more freedom and customisation.

Jailbreaking the iPhone goes against everything the iPhone is marketed at.
There’s just no point for minor tweaks. Free apps? If they’re meant to be
free then they’ll be free in the app store. Otherwise they’ve been
obtained/shared by dishonest means. If they’re apps not even in the app
store then you’re asking for trouble.

Jailbreaking is not illegal, it’s just frowned upon by Apple. They can’t
offer support for a jailbroken device. So long as you can live with the
complete lack of support then they don’t care what you do with the phone. I
just feel an Android phone (maybe the HTC One?) would be a far better
option for you if you wish to jailbreak.

Crow_T says:

I did for 1 reason to get emulators

ZuddaZ says:

If I factory reset my iPhone, will jailbreak be removed? And if it is, will
the warranty be “unvoided”?

PLKids says:

Ok Im not doing this, I dont want mine bricked.. Take what you can get.

ICU2NIT says:

lol Jailbreaking sounds gay as fuck mate. Yeah,… I can make my icons tilt
sidways, but your device will be x2 slower. So bad ass……. :/

TheGurlyMinecrafter 2000 says:

I don’t want to jail break to get mods on MCPE becuz I wanna get mods for I
can play better but you can’t get mods with iOS and I don’t want to do it
but I think I will

GotTheGames says:

Free for free 

Larry Zmith says:

if i jailbreak my phone will my service mess up 

SDN-Gaming says:

Haha I once tried to jailbreak my iPod 4 and it got stuck in recovery mode!
They tried to reset it but it didn’t work so they gave me a new one and I
just walked out. Anyway my iPad 4 is bricked at this time so restoring it.

handsupbud says:

Jailbreaking sounds like preparing yourself to go to Jail.

Alapati Sooalo says:

Do you lose all your photos if u jailbreak an ipad mini??

Jacob3922 | Zombies | Roblox and more! says:

Im jailbreaking while watching this video and hopeing my device doesn’t
brick a lot lol

Sequoia Hayes says:

is jail breaking bad

matthew madson says:

+QuantumGamer (iGD27) i bought an ipod 4 of ebay and it works fine and
stuff but it doesnt have warenty but i dont want it bricked should i
jailbreak or no

Francine Winters says:

I am not sure is this is working. But i found working tutorial on this
*JailbreakBJ. com*
only this website, tutorial will help you!

shakir ansari says:

louder louder louder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant hear

Kasanita Tukana says:

Fuck you

Wolf_Alpha Respawnables says:

What about the iOS 8 for iphone5 how you jailbreak that

theMCSkillzz says:

ACTUALLY, guys don’t listen to him, Apple cannot legally brick your phone,
Jailbreaking is a legal thing and apple cannot try and brick your phone
without being sued, like, for example, Lets say you buy and iPhone5s and
Jailbreak it, Apple cant just brick your phone and say “Well, I fucking
hate you, your jailbroke so haha!” No! They cannot legally make your Phone
a “Piece of technology” You legally bought that phone therefore you own it
and its contents, just because you do something 3rd party, or something
apple doesn’t like have apple be allowed to sit on your device and smash

AmandaD2004 says:

Can you hack games? 

Denny Nguyen says:

I can’t even download free games it says to pay

iRobloxer RicoRodriguez says:

I think jailbreak is a same word and same meaning a real life because
jailbreaking mean to escape somene or something that keeps protecting or
watching you but in iOS it has mean that when your phone isnt jailbroken
you cant access data and other personal things from the developers bt when
you jailbroke it,you can access it. (I feel stupid with this english
because im bad at it)

Stoked says:

Grow a mustache.

nathan van rooyen says:

What do u do if it gets bricked can u fix it

Mohamed eltahir says:

I know how to paid apps free without jailbreak it’s awesome 

Demers Evenson says:
weirdplaysmc says:

Im not gonna take thay chance

lek choe says:

should i jailbreak my ipod touch 4gen 6.1.6 just unsure n what if it does
not goes well thn m doomed. do send me link on how to jailbreak latest one

Naruto Sharigan says:

can jail breaking slow your device down im going buy one from my buddy he
says hes going restore it but u said u cant ?

Geuri Troncoso says:

my friend jailbreaked his I pod and it was messed up in like a 2 weeks

j santos says:

im trying to play movies off an usb on a ipad mini. do I have to jailbreak
to do this or can I just get the connecters to do this?

Kálai Bernadett says:

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a group of iphone geek people which have been providing the service for
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Billy W says:

Is it worth jail breaking your iPod or not cause I’m not shore about taut
brick thing 

badassdude159 says:

To get rid of a jailbreak all uve gotta do is sun ur phone to iTunes right?
And it puts it back to normal?

jonathan hussain says:

wait wait wait if i jail break my iphone i can get flappy bird?!

rickyknight5000 says:

Do u still get wifi wen jailbroken?

evilassaultweaponeer says:

Thanks for the explanation. I hate Apple’s attempts to suppress third party
development. Fuck those guys.

Anthony Sidhom says:

Nice video well I want to get cydia!!!!!!!

Romario Max says:

Thanks Man

JUsTz4FUNZ says:

Can you remove a jailbreak

Blaze Nex says:

My mom is so annoying she says it’s dumb and illegal but I don’t think it

GhostEliteRecon777 says:

Thx you

Will Robert says:

*Big Question Here* if I jail break can I still install apps from the App

Do or Die says:

please help me with jailbreak for 7.1 

Liam Allan says:

do you love me?

Buday Vilmos says:

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a look at
I have unlock more than 3 phones using that site, it is good

The Hub Of NERF says:

First time

James Glynn says:

can you get app addons
for free

Huszti Mark says:

The fastest unlocking site I’ve ever use for AT&T devices is
never took us more than 5 hours to unlock some of my devices, we have the
ability to unlock the new 5S and 5C as well.

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