What is iPhone Jailbreaking? Why Jailbreak an iPhone? What does it mean? Part 1

A look at the benefits of a jailbroken iPhone

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hvacrdude1 says:

turns it into an android…

Fabio Rutherford says:

Unlock your IOS now
*JailbreakBJ. com*.
Working tutorial!

Cillian Kerr says:

Guides and step by step tutorials, Jailbreak iOS device.
*JailbreakiOSNow. co m.*
you should read this:

Haters_be_haters says:

Is their anything bad about jailbraking the phone? I wanna jail brake my
phone but im afraid of the consequences 

USMCguy36 says:

Learn how to fucking talk 

Bruno Kelly says:

Fasy & Safe unlocking on your iPhone…
OnlyHere *JailbreakBj. com*.
Protect your iPhone!! 

Mike Sewell says:

If you jailbreak your iphone would you be able to use it with tmobile

Jesus Graham says:

Real working PDF Tutorial!! just visit this site. www.JailbreakTUT.com you
dont have what to lose!

Mike Roe says:

@TekTut0rials Barrel in Cydia and yes there is both vertical and horizontal
scrolling available

Cameron Chhim says:

Thanks Mike! Try my channel to jailbreak, and find out how to get Siri on
any device iOS 6. I liked Mike.

Freddie Mendoza Jr. says:

What the fucking are talking about.. Are u drunk.. Hahaha non sense video
im not elementary students that teaching to us slowly.. Fuck

Mike Roe says:

Mike Sewell jailbreak does not unlock your phone you must call the original
carrier to request an unlock

Alexandra Vance says:

I can FaceTime over 3G without jail breaking

Andrew Hankins says:

Can u jailbreak 6.1.3

Mike Roe says:

@TekTut0rials You will not void your warranty jailbreak your 4S the best
and easiest way is to jailbreak to install Barrel also if you ever need to
take your phone in for service just restore the phone in iTunes and will
erase the jailbreak completely Hope this helps!

TekTut0rials says:

How did you get the that cool effect where when you scroll to the side it
like flipped the apps in a wheel form that was awsome 😀 And is there a way
you can customize it so that you can make the icons scroll from top to

Aaron021998 says:

Someone help me

Mike Roe says:

@Johnnyboybravo Winter board is the best the others are older versions

Mike Roe says:

No untethered jailbreak but please stay tuned when available and hope this

Harry Styles says:

If you have a warranty with your carrier then it’s automatically broken
once you do this. And this is basically useless who cares if you can
customize your iPhone? If you break it apple Verizon AT&T or whatever won’t
fix it. I looked it up and it’s true so your all ok your own when you do

TekTut0rials says:

Is there a way I can get the barrel app on my iPhone 4s without
jailbreaking? I read up on it and if for example if I was to break my
iphone the warranty is broke because it would be jailbroken… And they
wont cover it… And I’m also on trying to make an attempt at a jailbeak
and then it not work and fuck my phone up… Which brings me to another
question… Is there a way to “Un-jailbreak” the iPhone 4s?

christianeva says:

What theme in 13:13?

smop says:

No such thing as iPhone2g or 2

Neon Light says:

whats the difference between summerboard and winterboard? I remember splash
board and all these other but whats the best?

TimeVideo2000 says:

I’m interested only in one thing. Can joilbroken iPhone or iPad play
Torrent Streamer like on Windows 7? You can check it out by typing on
google search for Torrent-TV Ru.

mrehzthegreat says:

so just as I expected not a big deal like everyone makes it out to be

brian pohlkamp says:

@Mike Roe

Alejandro Springer says:

Unlock any iPhone in 10 minutes www.JailbreakBj.com Safe one!!

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