What Is Jailbreaking? How a Jailbreak Works

What s jailbreaking? How a jailbreak works
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Most people with an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) have probably heard of the term jailbreaking. Maybe you’ve even jailbroken a device before. But what does jailbreaking actually mean, and what is the process behind it? Well today you’re going to find out in this jailbreaking edition episode of “What Is?”

To jailbreak means to gain the ability to install custom third-party apps on your device. It’s completely legal, but Apple does not want you to do it because they want to control the user experience. Now before we get into the jailbreak process, let’s learn how an iOS device boots up. The iOS bootup involves a series of signature checks that makes sure everything that’s being ran is approved by Apple. It happens in the following order: BootROM, BootLoader, Kernel, and iOS operating system.

The jailbreak itself involves obtaining control of the root and media partition of the device. This is where all iOS’s files are stored. And in order to be controlled, the “private/etc/fstab” must be patched. FSTab controls the permissions of the device’s root and media partition. The main problem is not getting the modified code in but getting it through certain checkpoints. Apple put in these checkpoints to verify if a file is actually legit or if it’s from a third-party. Every file is signed with a digital signature, or key, and without it the file is useless.

Signature checks are the main roadblocks in the jailbreak process. While the kernel is loading there are tons of signature checks happening to make sure every file has been approved by Apple. The main objective for a jailbreak is to either patch the checks or bypass them. So this brings us to the two main exploit categories.

The first is the BootROM Exploit. This is done during the BootROM, and it can’t be patched by a normal update. Since this is before almost any checkpoint, the modified code is put in and this creates a gateway to bypass all the signature checks or simply disable them.

The second exploit is the Userland Exploit. This is done during or after the loading of the kernel, and it can easily be patched by Apple. Since it’s after all the checks, it puts the modified code directly into the openings and back into the kernel.

That is how jailbreaking works! If you’re not worried about voiding your Apple warranty or if you don’t even have a warranty, I would recommend trying jailbreaking out. It’s really easy!

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What Is Jailbreaking? How a Jailbreak Works

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Jay TNT Cat says:

What does backing up your device do? And what does it mean? How do you
backup your device?

Sorry for all the questions :P

Searra Andrews says:

I guess I was fooled by the name, I thought it was illegal?

Ian Randolph says:

Fuck Apple. Let’s do this.

Harshbir Singh says:

Ya me too I don’t understand high tech FBI files

CrashAunt's gaming says:

the only thing i understood was when you said that you can download
different apps

rraj gautam says:

l my iphone goes to safe mode while i install some apps like “NextgenUI”.
how can i use it bypassing safe mode? is there any ways to use it?

Ahmad Halmat says:

do this jailbreak damage your ipad or iphone what is bad thing for this
jailbreak ?

se777ens says:

Great video thanks – and your a cutie ;)

MrEEz Mann says:

lol he said jail breaking is hard, its actually not just watch the videos
and find out for your self 

CrashAunt's gaming says:

oh i thought it was illigal

maria cummings says:

Omg! I don’t know what you’re talking about! Why is it so complicated? Ugh

Firdaus Hafiz says:

Sorry. But. I don’t understand.

Pam Sohal says:

Hi there, I downloaded some apps like word and Wells Fargo but they are not
showing on my home screen and they don’t even open for me to use. Please
tell me what to do.

tin veverec says:

Would you please stop cutting video so much

Shamrock Shake says:

Exactly why I hate apple.

tin veverec says:

Would you please stop cutting video so much

Isaac ackerman says:


Isaac ackerman says:

Should i jailbreak? Im scars i anna record

Zaman Ashraf says:

i wanted to install whatsapp in ipad 4

MrNCboy says:

1st, nice

cameron saaty says:

Free jailbreak download go to http://evasi0n.com

luka boot says:

I love the new jail break for ios 7.1.1 and above you can have so much fun
with it

MyTechMethods says:

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