What’s On My Jailbroken iPhone January 2014

In today’s video I show you some of my favorite Cydia tweaks on my iPhone 5C. Below are a list of the tweaks mentioned in this video.

Dock shift
Soft remix for ios 7
Share widget
Subtle lock
Pac-man eats signal dots

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Cutiecake Anne says:

Will this interfere with your gigabytes or can it add it or.. I’m sorry I’m
new here 

Ritchi says:

whats your winterboard theme called? :)

Tristan Lamb says:

You sound like Walter Jr. from breaking bad

Marcus Shaw says:

Kindom Hearts Wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

راشد الشحي says:

your wallpaper please

Haroon Amiri says:

Great video, u should make more of those video’s man!

owen gastelum says:

I’m going to sound dumb but how do u get cydia

GamingMetJimmy says:

background? Behind the apps

Willie McIntyre says:

Whats your ps4 gamer tag

Johnny M. says:

You should use springtomize 3

alyssaaliyah11 says:

Nice video! Easy to understand and to the point! Thank you :)

GamingMetJimmy says:

where are the soucres

Renato Henriques says:

any app from cydia does not show up at all

Rio Stewart says:

Hw u get yr iphone texture like tht

Renato Henriques says:

Hi. It sounds awsome, but I just got an unlocked 4s with ios 7.1.2 and none
of these apps show up on the app store when I do a search. Can you give me
some feed back? Thanks

Eddie Baz says:

Can anyone tell me if quick contacts is compatible with iOS 7.1.2

Tijanae Broussard says:

whats your wallpaper 

Matthew Rodriguez says:

What do you use for your lock screen?

Live Tech Australia says:

Where have you been man!?

walid belkziz says:

From morocco welcome back

Luis Alamilla says:

What’s On My Jailbroken iPhone January 2014

Sam Cruz says:

What app to get the apps like that ?

Shavon Senegal says:

Can you do a video of Icleaner ? 

MrGansterboy13 says:

Wher did you get that wallpaper its nice whit the theme

Abran Beltran says:

Glad your back on YouTube man :)

MrGansterboy13 says:

Whats the theme??

BigNickPro says:

awesome, i seriously downloaded all of them…haha

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