Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

In this video I talk about the pros and cons of a jailbreak on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Jailbreaking gives you lots of customization and new features including themes, jailbreak tweaks and more.

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Jailbreaking info


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Happy Priest says:

Haha pause at 00:17 lol Stoned

XKingz says:

Can you download apps after Jailbrake? 

OGKushTG says:

Android ftw

Sheldon Jones says:

i like apple MOSTLY. i mean, i’m only jail breaking because i want pokemon
on my ipad and a scrolling favorite apps bar. on android, you just pay a
few bucks, and you get ALL of that. Apple is so narrow minded… 

AlexTheGamer97 says:

One time my friend bricked his iPad by downloading some Siri thing (from
cydia) and he brought it into best buy and they thought his iPad was
defective and have him a new one for free lol

Anthony Hernandez says:

Is it illegal

Mees Wit says:

A friend of mine XD has ever jailbreaked his iphone and after two days
everything was messed up and stuff so he tells me NOT to jailbreak it but I

And also can your device get bricked, or get a virus or something?

Please help!

Kyle Kane says:

Can u update apps or no?

Tarka Beatrix says:

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petar Petar pero says:

bad thing is your phone becomes slow

GamingTimesTwo says:

Want customization?? Get android .

wildbill20102012 says:

do you think its safe to use a banking app on an Ipad Air after jailbreak

Uzsoki Abigel says:

Everybody!, if you use AT&T stuff, and desire to unlock it, I suggest you
to check up attphoneunlocking.(com), it’s one of the very reliable
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Jamal Hussain says:

u keep on saying “and what not”

Dev Kunjadia says:

guys don’t get the tweak dimmer. it causes your device to get into a

Derick Jacob says:

Doesn’t Jailbreaking Make Your Iphone Slower

AbsoluteRubbish says:

I am jailbreaking this weekend on iOS 7.1.2. iOS 8 is upon us and I was
wondering: If I wanted to remove my jailbreak and upgrade to iOS 8, could I
just update? Or would that wipe/break my whole iPod? And also how does
updating jailbreak work, as in a jailbreaking comes for iOS 8 and you’re on
7.1.2? Thank you for the help :D

Joshua Heredia says:

If I jailbreak my iphone will it affect like my service and stuff cause I
don’t want it to affect my service

Magical Creeper says:

I only want to jailbreak coz the awesome tweeks and stuff 

KenKraft says:

if you jailbreak do you still have 3g

Unknown123 says:

So I play this game called Clash Of Clans. The game has like an update or
maintenance every now and then. Will my game still be able to update? I
spend a lot of time on this btw

Kenny Mo says:

I’m jailbreak my ipad 2 ios 7.1.2

AlexTheGamer97 says:


Adriel Benoit says:

Or just get a samsung

Preston Owens says:

If only there was a mix of apple and android.

bri kratz says:

Can you update apps? Thats really the only thing im worried about.

Mees Wit says:

Oh and can you also update apps?

kobe conomon says:

Thanks for all the help, but do the “some free apps” include in app
purchases as well???

Jason Orton says:

It could brick

Agustin Arellano says:


Phil Hawyer says:

Jailbreaking is a waste of time and ios is perfectly fine as possible

Max Johnson says:

Will it give you a virus of any sort

JayceGaming says:

i think the best way to jailbreak
is redsnow or something that had snow in it

Dessi Gonzalez says:

wait we can’t update the system or the games?

Mad Music says:

So if i want to get rid of it, i can just update my ios to the next one?
Reply yes or no plz.

PixelRyon says:

Are you gonna lose all your old data

GamingTimesTwo says:

My phone is not working properly*
Can you get a new one at the shop?*
Yes I can*
Did you root it?*
No I didnt*
Why not?*
Cause it can do many unique things
and it’s got awesome features.There is no need to root it!*

Starburstr87 says:

I swear say “What not” again!

Logan Morris says:

i would jailbreak m ipod but I dont know how to

sk8alldayandnight13 says:

bought an iphone : hate it never making that decision again

MettaWPeaceHD says:

+JerTheGeek what the fuck does illegal on iPads mean? Does it mean its
legal on iPhones and iPods? No. Jailbreaking is legal on any device. Whats
illegal about it is downloading cracked apps and getting free in app

GamingTimesTwo says:

my phone doesnt work properly*
Can you get a new one at the shop ?*
No I cant*
Why not*
Cause it’s jailbreak

mario verga says:

Hey i just had a question so by saing that if you update you mean all the
phone or any app you lose your Jailbreak

the canadian gamer- home of rizvan puri says:

I thought you could never get out of jailbreak Ö burp thanx to u 🙂 I just
have to update to IOS 8.0 if there I’d one thnx man!

Noah Hunt says:

My ipod is slow with a jailbreak, cydia gives you no memry, you have quite
a sum, but not enough to prevent slowness

TheAmazing Davidofun says:

Nice hair, bro

Neo Lukacs says:

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Joseph Taylor says:

There’s a ton of third-party apps available once you jailbreak, *W W W .
iPhone5Break . C O M* 

Tyler miller says:

Shut up saying “what not” is what old people say 

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