100 Reasons to Jailbreak ( iOS 7 on the way )

Why should i jailbreak is a very common question amongst peers who are not aware of how the full potential of your apple gadget is capable of.

Here we list out some of the very many reasons to jailbreak iOS 6, 7 or 8.

– Close applications all at once

– Use facetime over 3G

– Rename your apps to anything you want!

– Remove the lock screen clock

– Change the camera icon on lock page

– Add cool effects to the phone

And many many more! Just watch the video and enjoy.

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William Carrasco says:

Are there any cons to jail breaking?

La Morena says:

Lmao wait why is she half naked? x)

Ethan585790 says:

If you have a brand new phone, with a warranty, the warranty will be
Abolished. The user agreements say that modification to the device’s
settings make it violate warranties. If you have ab issue, Apple will not
help you. 

Ryan Conn says:


take phones while using other apps.
*playing angry birds, “GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!”

Spartan Warrior says:

android still doesnt provide what apple jailbreaking has, android you can
hard brick and its a paper weight apple can get bricked but you can always
restore your phone will never be a paper weight with apple, jailbreaking
does all the things the video says and more, no malware or any of that shit
and ppl who say there fine with there iphone or touch the way it is is
fuckin retarded cause they have no idea what they are missing out on. IOS 7
jailbreak is on Evasi0n.com its just a one click process and you can do so

Carlos Ramirez says:

I was reading that jailbreaking gives your device malware and spyware is
this true? I’m not sure if to jailbreak my 5S?

Sutherland Nguyen says:

nope. still not convinced.

elaine goss says:

3:06 -wtf does she think she’s wearing…. But thank you for the video I
only though there was like 5 good things about jail breaking your iPhone

Mayla Scanlan says:

Dies it ruin your phone?!

Stovall Brogden says:

Well, to see if attiphoneunlocking is truly that reliable, I wnet to check
out their site. And they have a nice facebook page that has plenty of
positive feedbacks.

Orlando Rojas says:

Thnx I am going to jailbreak my iPad mini thnx not scared any more because
of this video

MoneyMandy says:

I’m already jailbroken

Derek Rivera says:

I thought it was gonna be safe & easy but some people don’t know how to do
it. Please find some one who does. But don’t try this 

Leo Meier says:

Is there any list of the shown Cydia Apps? Where can I find them? 

Joey Rio says:

Can’t wait for the iOS 7 version!

Naomi says:

What is the purpose of a half naked girl in the video again?

GamingZombies HD says:

None of these convinced me, but the Girl convinced me… as long as she is
willing to go in my room for a bit…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Derek Rivera says:

Might lose your device 

TechAztech says:

The primary purpose of Jailbreaking was to be able to unlock a phone, but
now a days getting a factory unlock is at fingertips. It’s still a cool
thing though, but i like my phone as is.

mario haduken says:

I’m on iOS 6 bu iOS 7 comes with all of these things lol… Ah, I forgot to
mention that you can even hide your apps, change your carrier name, add
battery % on iPod 4g or lower, download torrents and with iOS 6+ even
YouTube over 3G…. Major updates = Downloading jailbreak tweaks wihout
jailbreaking. good job, Apple!

Dhr. MMA Hyena says:

I want to jailbreak Dat Beauty…

UghEvan says:

I can’t wait until the iso 7 jb

Derek Rivera says:

Might lose your device 

mario haduken says:

Pfff…. You ca do 60% of these things on your iDevice without
jailbreaking.. Including theming and playing Nintendo Games!

Derek Rivera says:

Might lose your device

Derek Rivera says:

Go to there website & read there comments a lot of people are getting there
device broken. 

Matthew Snyder says:

How to Unlock Jailbreak iPad Air, *W W W . EasyiPadUnlock . C O
M*Jailbreak, W W W . EasyiPadUnlock . C O M

Barrington Paul says:

Why Jailbreak 7.0.3-7.0.4 iPhone 5s? Gain access to the infamous Cydia
application, *W W W . iPhone5Break . C O M*

Mryoutube says:

Figure it out for the ones that talk bad about the beautiful girl it worked
did it not dum ass did what they wanted good for ur hard work babe

pasquale casselman says:

The #1 Spot for latest news, updates, tutorial 7.0.3-7.0.4 jailbreak guide, *W
W W . EasyiPadUnlock . C O M*

Mryoutube says:

This video is so real and the girl in the video did a job an a great one
and the ones that talk shit about her well it worked figure it out dummies
it got you talking did it not

John Smith says:

Any Iphone can be hacked easy
More info here

Mryoutube says:

Now that’s a beautiful girl and if you don’t get why she dressed that way
is for you dum ass to start a buzz on hear great video and smart choice on
her two thumbs up 

Glory Bakyayita says:

You will learn from it and jail break isnt illegal


windows phone ad lol

AnimeTV says:

xD I really dont know

ching chong says:

i dont know, but dont argue

ants11 says:

i trust the half-naked woman’s words

FlightsimHD2 says:


AlwaysDOPEApparelNShidd says:


SerginhosIRL says:

wow a lot of twearks…wooot she’s naked?

MrXLegendGamers says:

yes it will but if you have the pictures on your laptop or computer you can
restore them back on there

ParkourStudiosMeigh says:

Yes but its completely safe!

Tasta enter says:

I cant jailbreak IOS 6.1.4 on IPhone 5.Please help.

Gothicskull101 says:

I wish we could use it on battery.

Shawn Ortega says:

or she just made a jail break and got rid of her jail clothing

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