Best FREE iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week!

Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week!

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iTwe4kz says:

Sorry I’ve been MIA – But, I’m BACK 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy!

Sensei Swag says:

You made Siri come up for me when you said, “hey Siri” cuz I already had
the tweak installed

Kurt Das Burt says:

i cant find cydia on the appstore?

ElfyPers0n says:

I was watching this on an ipad, and when he said “Hey Siri,” it opened up
siri on my ipad xD

Ahsan HD says:

Well you posted it on my birthday LOL

twlovelife says:

If I jailbreak my iPhone 6, will it become laggy like an android phone?

Grandé Wut says:

Could anyone help whenever i download a tweak it doesnt show up in the

random pool says:

where is the repo for the first two tweaks?

largon 03 says:

i am so glad i left android for the iphone 6 plus!! wow such a nice phone i
think everyone should have it. so smooth/snappy minor to zero lags! that is
all i was looking for with android but somehow every phone i purchased
disappointed me 2-3 months later with the lags and freezing. iphone 6 plus
i have to admit is the best phone right now and after jailbreaking it and
having thousands of tweaks/themes etc. it is incredible. :)

Alejandro Peña says:

i cant see betterfive in cydia 🙁 

Danny Ulloa says:

I want to jailbreak my 5s but I’m worried it will get slow and problems
occur :/

Christian Rogers says:

wheres the repo for the first two tweaks?

MrHardstyleMusiczz (Follow our main channel TheHardstyleMusicz for new uploads!) says:

Anybody else’s siri not working or is it just me?

Confusing Panda says:

What tweak did you use to make your iPhone 5 bigger like that?

Go Kobe says:

Why does my phone keep respringing every time I play a YouTube video

The Master Of All Video Games says:

awesome vid i watch appletechspot,everythingapplepro and some other people
but u allows provide the best tweaks so thank u!!!!!!!!!!

Chris War says:

Help I searched CCBackground and it said it needed modifications…

Aymn Hossain says:

please give me links to all those beauitiful images

Alex Moore says:

Does anyone know the tweak where you get apps behind apps?!

fnfChildRebelSoldier says:

I have an iPhone 5 and better5columnhomscreen works expect the apps are too
big. Anyone know how to fix this??

Ios and Android Gaming says:

it says “Depends com.chpwn.iconsupport” in red and it won’t let me download

Ally Church says:

Anyone know of a free version of apex 2 and video pane or provide a repo ,
used to be free

Patrick Mcglynn says:

Awesome Video,, as always.. I got 5 tweaks that I want from that video
alone.. and that’s really rare. a lot of time’s I’ll watch a best 30 tweaks
and use maybe 1 or 2 or them… this was a really nice video.. thanks bro..
[email protected],

TheRevivngGamer says:

What is your tweak when u swipe left or right on your home screen, it uses
a different animation rather than the basic left – right!? And what
animation is it?

Solomon Morgan says:

Fasy & Safe unlocking on your iPhone:
*JailbreakBJ. co m*
Protect your iPhone!!

Anuj Shrestha says:

springtomize does like half the work of all the tweak you showed

TechMuchHD says:

Why can’t I find anything on Cydia when I look it up I’m one iPhone 6 plus 

boris stoqnov says:

I think HideMe8 is amazing and you can play a lot with it 

OlsenHD says:

Are you using a Iphone 6 plus or just a iphone 6 ?

Tide Vang says:

I have a 6+ why my home screen doesn’t go to landscape mode when I turn the

Renad Kadim says:

Omg at the Moment you said hey Siri my Siri actually turned on

tanner furr says:

I already had it and when you said it it enabled mine

Nicaela Levin says:

hey what is the app called that you used for swiping the screens because i
think its pretty cool

TheEnchanted Pig says:

Why don’t I have winter board app?

Rock'ca Holic says:

Why won’t apple just add these features in updates

Gabriel Caruso says:

Tweak that show only the % of battery?

Kilanee Cave says:

Lol Siri came up when you said that and it scared me

sebastian schwebel says:

repo doesn’t work

Thomas Crowder says:

I’m really inLove with the LockGlyph! It gives a nice accent to my iPhone
5s:) it also makes a noise when it unlocks if you have your vibrate off.
It’s kind’ve a muddy sound tho. Wish it was alittle cleaner sound:)

MosTCHr says:


Female Tupac says:

Repo for lockglyph ?

16Wsd23766 says:

When you said hay sir it open my sir and you said it like 4 times it mad me
laugh to myself 

ЯΣDD Blockland says:

Would betterFiveColoumnHomescreen work on 4S?

Rabee Saker says:

Dude ! ur amazing! nice work !

Rocco Allen says:

haha had my phone next to the computer when you said hey siri and it went

Cornelius Wilson says:

Unlock your IOS now
*UnlockiOSNow. com*
the best website ever:

Benjamin Pate says:

How do you install the five columns tweak

King Zak says:

Wtf, what’s the repo for the better home screen layout thing, please reply

super_ray says:

is jail braking your device safe and das it open up security holes?

Brian Lin says:

Does Winterboard work with iPhone6/6+ on ios 8?

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