How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 using TaiG

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 & iOS 8.2 beta using TaiG Jailbreak Tool
Download Jailbreak Tool here:

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iTwe4kz says:

Let me know if you guys have any issues in the comments! 

Cliffdog1212 says:

Hey guys. recently my phone was having some issues and im not quite sure
why. i haven’t downloaded any new tweaks in the passed week or so. but
today i was using it and it wasn’t opening apps when i clicked on them. and
so i tried to restart it thinking it would take care of the issue, but now
its stuck on the boot logo. i tried holding down the power/home button to
restart and even did the volume button thing too. nothing can get it off
the boot logo. im on 8,1 i believe and never had any of these problems
before while jail breaking. the iPhone wont register in iTunes to restore
either . when i plug it in the computer will make noise like its
registering but i cannot click on my phone in iTunes at all. if anyone
knows of a solution i would very much appreciate it guys thank you.

ATrix - says:

When I jailbroke it for Zeppelin it didn’t let me write a text only put
logos. I don’t know if it has to do with the new update or if I’m doing
something wrong. Any suggestions?

Gavin Malit says:

REPLY NOW! I have an IPad not Jailbroken. Its version is 8.0.2 Is that
version still compatible With Pangu? Cause i can’t Upgrade to 8.1 Because
the only update available right now is 8.1.2 And I know that it can”t be
Jailbroken. So my main Question: Can I Jailbreak an IPad 3 version 8.0.2
With Pangu? Please reply! Thanks!

iPodUplo4dz says:

Is it for Mac

TheProGamer says:

Does this work on an ipad air 2 and is it safe I JUST GOT IT AND I DONT
WANT TO BREAK IT like when the whole ios on my last ipad broke and i couldt
restore or anything

►Fretic◄ says:

why i should update to ios 8.1.1??? i have an ipod touch 5g

Sideswipe G1 says:

+iTwe4kz My After I jailbroke it and pressed Cydia, it’s still loading…
Is that normal or??? I’m scared because I just got this phone.

SupahNova says:

Hey guys I’m still on iOS 7 and I haven’t been botherd to update. Should I 

TheGamingBro 101 says:

it says that my itunes is too old but i have the latest version


Tried to JailBreak my IPhone 6 Plus and its telling me to download Apple
Drivers and ITunes but i have the latest version of ITunes installed what
should i do

Zookeeper Boss says:

I just jailbroken my iPod 5 iOS 8.1.1 well after I jailbroken it I opened
Cydia and it was loading then the screen went black I pressed the home
button confusingly then some of my apps were gone then I had to restore my
iPod luckly I backed it up before so don’t do I’m so luckly I backed my
iPod up so now I have iOS 8.2 :(

SHelaTd says:

I have the Pangu jailbreak for IOS 8.1 Would I backup my device, restore
and update to IOS 8.1.1 and then use the TaiG jailbreak? 

Steven Martin says:

+iTwe4kz what are the chances of losing your photos like i did with the
recent Pangu jailbreak? cant afford to lose them again :/

rylee voyles says:


Muhamad Hazman says:

i have jailbreak my 4s, but i cant download anything on cydia. what is the

Roger Smith says:

ok so i try to open it and it resprings it and then i open it back up and
it keeps respringing it

Kdyso says:

What a wast of exploits but it’s good if people accidentally updated also
does work for 6 plus and is it worth updating too 8.1.1 from 8.1 ?

Chris Calderon says:

What do you do when it gets stuck at 30% because it seems like im not the
only one having this issue. No i didnt do anything wrong and if i did then
please let me know what it is

GsQ Helios says:

No sim card installed i saw that msg pop up on your iphone does it affect
the sim card if jailbreak it im new to iphones and i have a iphone 6 and
also when its done jailbreak could you enable Find my iPhone and Passcode 

Hish ok. says:

why all these jailbreaking websites in Chinese 


Is it tethered?Or UnTethered?

Dennis Bautista says:

i have iphone5 gold 8.1.1 can i jailbreak my phone w/o turning off my find
my iphone?? bcoz its not my icloud 2nd hand phone

Motoxchamp119 says:

it says can’t find Apple driver, please download and install iTunes… and
I already have iTunes?

dayle breis says:

does this still work??
please reply.. dont wanna lose anything

Lief Sutherland says:

How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch, All in this tutorial
*UnlockiOSNow. co m.*
Read more!

Joshua McGradey says:

This will show you how to Unlock your iDevice safe!
*JailbreakBJ. c om.*
Just check it!!!

Komando Ali says:

Hey iTwe4kz . How about battery life on iphone 5 ios 8.1.1 ? 

jak gomm says:

is it safe and working prop0er?

miloslav slovo says:

Can i turn passcode on after Jailbreak ?

jaycee bayer says:

Hey guys I have a question, I. Have a 4s on 7.11 pangu jb, whenever I open
an application it bloats the apps icon and puts it full screen for 3sec
until the app opens, it’s very ugly and I have no idea what’s causing this.

Zephyros says:

If I do this on my iPhone 5c will it lose all of its data? Just curious.
I’ve done jailbreaks before but iOS 8 is one stubborn nut to crack from
what I’ve heard. Also, will my phone get a virus from this specific
jailbreak? That’s the news I’m getting…

Uncivilized Mofo says:

Untethered or tethered ?

Carlos Vargas says:

Someone help I’m stuck on 30%

An1fMaBoi says:

illuminati confirmed

U Mad Bro? says:


roham banan says:

I have a 8.0.1 jailbroken device and I’m new to jailbreak.
I want to upgrade the ios to 8.1.1.
If i want to do it,will i lose all of my apps and other things?should i
restore the device to upgrade it?if i can backup from my apps,how can i do
Please help me
Thanks for ur videos!

Ray says:

Cani use this for iOS 8.1??? Plz respond someone today asap 

Quazify says:

( IPHONE 5 )

timesaver316 says:

My mail and Safari app is crashing. Please help.

HQhunter says:

I got windows 8 and whenever i open it, it keep saying protect my pc is
this a virus? If its not can you tell me how can i turn that protection

BBoyVeE100 says:

Can I use this to jailbreak my iPhone 5s phone its running on iOS 8.0.2?

RedbirdCraft says:

Hey I got cydia but nothing on it works.

itsmeFox says:

available on mac?

Kid Slayer says:

Taig should wait till iOS 8.2 

rayan sebti says:

does it works for mac?

Hani Naim says:

Does it work with ipad 2?

MeatBrick64 says:

Is there any way to keep my 8.1 jailbreak tweaks or do I need to start from

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