How to JailBreak iPhone 4 (jail Break iphone ios 4.0+) Ipad, ipod touch

A great day for iPhone users because a new jailbreak version for ios4 has been released!

And its probably the most easiest jail break ever. Just go over to,

It then tells you, slide to jailbreak.  It’s the same simple! It takes only 45 seconds.

Now you can even use apps that did not get approved on the Apple Store and find them instead on Cydia!.

This jailbreak works on all devices other than the first gen iPhone (metal back) and firmwares 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.0, and 4.0.1.

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Jack Milner says:

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Kovács Petra says:

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That Gam3r L1F3 says:

Is there a way to un- jailbreak your phone?

Aspen Adams says:

How was this done before Jailbreak me?

Retired Channel Subscribe to DatguyUknowMC says:

were iphones really that long back then?

proex12 says:

Hello i want to jailbrake my iPhone on iOS 7.1.2. I have jailbroken my ipad
but i dont wanna ruin my service/3g/calls/text. Can you loose any of
though’s things with the pangu 7.1.1-7.1.2? please reply 🙂 

Herczeg Andras says:

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Botos Kincső says:

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Devin Austin says:

So I tried this on my iphone 4 (ios 7.1.2) and it didnt work. Thoughts?? 

Jordan Hall says:

Are you able to un jailbreak if perhaps you didn’t like it?

Aspen Adams says:

Is there anything that Jailbreaking allows your phone to do besides allow
you to download apps from contemporary carriers.

Romal Khan says:

Please help me i have an iPhone4 but on the website is standing we are not
supporting your device

BradOliver says:

[Detailed Tutorial] How to jailbreak iDevice!
*JailbreakBJ. com.*
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T-bag in da haus says:

knock knock mother fucker!

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Eli Madness says:

It’s not working 🙁 this website is very old ???? 

Jaime Franco says:

for some reason i cant do it and i got an iphone 4 with 7.1.2 version 

Dukai Oliver says:

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Trent Supinger says:

it didnt work i have ios 7.1.4 how do i do it plzz help

Ernyey Csaba says:

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uiolkijhgh says:

u sound like the guy from jump street lol

beto ocampo says:

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Jacob Church says:

Is pangu safe?

AnimeLover says:


Bill K says:

Good information. 

Mari Battilega says:

Mine did not work

Weegee Mario says:

Does it cloud

general gaming says:

that method is such a rip off

Eric Ballard says:

fuck u dummy

Jaclyn Mcdaniel says:

Does this work

Fekete Odett says:

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Mylin Bill says:

mines don’t work

Bob Losa says:

Does this work

Montford Vogler says:

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Fazekas Noel says:

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Romal Khan says:


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Mia Garcia says:

It told me I need to downgrade my phone that’s weird

Moose Niga says:


Bluford Strayhorn says:
HappyHamsters says:

Should I jailbreak my phone

Kazinczi Patrik says:

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Cat m8 says:

Does it work for 6.1.3

Rajczy Ervin says:

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Destiney Hollimon says:

Why does it cost money 

bojan4110 says:

Dude im tired of looking at ur giant phone

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