How To Jailbreak iPhone 4S

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shacoria mcdaniel says:

have any of you tried this. did it work? 

MinecraftManiac365 says:

this is scarry, this means plugging in you iphone to a public charger will
allow them to hack you phone

AusDaBoss1985 says:

Garbage ass video!!! Speak english bitch

Athina Torres says:

Can jailbraking your iphone mess up the SIM card in the phone??

tovenique says:

thank u so much for this video now I can finally hack into pixel guns

Rayan Limem says:

I found an iPhone 4S without SIM card . When I open it he says that the
phone is locked and the power button does not work. Please I need help to
jailbreak my iphone 4s 


dont work

Daragh Alsop says:

Unlocking your iDevice its now easy and safe
*UnlockiOSNow. c om.*
more here

Jake Newbern says:


PikaJor says:

I would do this but I don’t have a computer 

Amiyia Smith says:

he lying because the phone said still locked n he tried to hit ok real fast
like really oweeee yu almost had it you could b quicker than that duhh

Chikondano zenengeya says:

My net is kind of slow….and i cant hear shit…whats the name of the
software please en the site to download it..!!

YoLoL BoLo says:

can i use windows to or only mac

MyAnimation0 says:

Do you know if these links are old and dead? I downloaded it and clicked
jailbreak, but then an error pops up and says “can’t extract package from
internet”. I was told to de-activate some antiviruses because it prevents
evasion from connecting and to install winrar, but even after doing that it
still can’t connect. I was then told to use pangu, which doesn’t work

Daniel Brizuela says:

When it says Sim locked does that mean ur not connected to ur Network like
AT&T or T-Mobile

cottojn says:

do i have to back up the iPhone first?

HapptesMC says:

Ok when i plugged iphone in and downloaded evAsion and extracted and runned
it sated i needed itunes installed. But i only have windowS

HECTOR says:

how can we know u,d connect iPhone 4s!!!
by d way jailbreak if not work but dislike botton working very well

Tre Jones says:

it didnt work

xxnoshotxx64 says:

Does it work?

Asphaltmw3 says:

is this safe?

We do it all says:


Cesar Campbell says:

Before you do anything, readd this guide
just visiit this websitee *One*

SplavacodoGaming says:

is it safe plase tell me before i do

Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

SHIT DONT WORK!!! blocked my iphone 4s 

owntje says:


iGreenTech says:

this jailbreak supports ios 6.1.1 on iPhone 4s


hi!i’m kinda new with the iphones…what is jailbreaking your iphone?

Smosh says:

hi adriendksaj do wipeout game review its really fun

Frnka Stano says:

Is the same as the Iphone 5

Roberto Cohen says:

why is the sim still locked?

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