JAILBREAK iOS 8.1.2 Untethered With TaiG – ANY iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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iOS remains the most powerful smartphone operating system with the best ecosystem of apps. Unfortunately, it’s also the most locked down operating system with a ton of restrictions. Jailbreaking will enable you to overcome those restrictions however and to start using your device at full power once again. Enjoy the openness of Android with the power of Apple and play Emulated games, access your internal storage and more!

This video shows you how to jailbreak any iOS 8.1.2 device quickly and reliably with no need to connect to a computer. Just follow the instructions carefully and in no time you’ll have unlocked your device’s full potential. Enjoy!


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AppleTechSpot says:

*NEW* Downgrade iTunes 12.1 to 12.0.1 ►

Alex Markov says:

I want to do this but I m scared that my iPad 2 will crash

AppleTechSpot says:
Kenneth Johnson says:

Did anyone else’s jail break stay at 30% for a while 

Daniël Beekhuis says:

i have done every thing. i have a ipad 2 and it is on 8.1.2 but when i go
into the TaiGbreak it says cant find device. plz help

Dark Sniper says:

Ok I got cydia but it won’t let me download tweaks an stuff

Onika Boss says:

I tried this with my 4s and I’m never trying to jailbreak my phone again.
After the “installation” was over Cydia wouldn’t open and kept crashing, so
I restarted my phone. When it finished booting all of my essential apps
were *GONE* (mail, phone, Safari, App Store, iTunes Store, messages, and
anything involving them was no longer functional) and there’s some
unfinished app called MusicUIService just there. This is just so stressful,
is my luck this bad? I guess I have to restore or reset my phone now

Pyrax says:

Anyone have the error, “Can’t find Apple Driver, please download and
install iTunes” even though itunes is installed? I have the latest version!

Destroyer gaming says:

appletechspot i keep trying to connnet the device but it dont pop on taig
plzzzz reply plz

Kaamil360 says:

Hello everyone, I’m an android user. Well android and now iPhone user! It’s
been a while since I’ve used an apple phone. Would anyone care to explain
to me why one would want to jailbreak their iPhone? Thanks in advance and
have a great day!

Homie CJ says:

If I jailbreak and do a backup before, does the jailbreak go away when I
restore the backup from iTunes?

William Matthews says:

I think AppleTechSpot died

Ozzie Myrtale says:

Question: after it’s done jailbreaking, can I turn all of my settings back

rony s says:

NEW Downgrade iTunes 12.1 to 12.0.1;-
Uninstall iTunes, Bonjour, and everything starting with “Apple”

WARGAL9-9 says:

It saysvthat it Will take 4 hours

Rosemarie K says:

Okay so I did this jailbreak, opened Cyrus and then the whole thing where
all my stock apps are gone. So I did what the comments said and restored
from the backup I made before the jailbreak and then it was stuck on the
sole logo for the longest time and so when It finally came back on I open
my lock screen and there is absolutely nothing there . Like at all. Just my
wallpaper . What do I doooo

iCatt63 says:

is this only for windows or can it be used with mac?

Troy Nall says:

Can anyone tell me how to install/use “taiG_v1.2” without installing all
that other junk software? even when I click to “decline” or “skip” the
installer still installs that crap ?

Mario 64 says:

can u enable ur passcode lock after the jailbreak

The gamer girl Raerae2000 says:

Should I be scared to jailbreak my iPhone? Think about it but don’t want
it to mess up! 

BB Music says:

when i open taiG as an administrator it gives me an error in chinese or dat
kind of language. i followed your steps very carefully so does any1 knows
how to fix or what to do?

patricia seivert says:

So after you open the zip file run as administrator? Because one time I
just opened it and it wouldn’t load, should I open as administator first?

jesus duran says:

Does it work for ipod 5g as well? cause i could go to ios 8.1.2 (: 

joseph Lin says:

it says i don’t have itunes but i do

jaime escandon says:

i downloaded the program but when i open it, it always says that it cant
find the apple device, but it gives me a link to download itunes (which i
have) so what is the problem?

anubhav goyal says:

It says that source can not be found ??
Cydia installed successfully but no sources are being installed help me

Destination Animation says:

When it scans for itunes it just says ” Apple driver not found” how do i
fix this?

TimeZone Gaming says:

Does anyone know how to stream my xbox 360 screen to my ios device please

Moto Productions says:

my device is not registering on the jailbreak tool, im running 8.1.2,
please help

Lucas ribeiro says:

+AppleTechSpot are thre any bad sides to jailbreaking an I device?
please reply as i want to do this but i dont want anything bad to happen to
my Ipad!

RatifiedGamerMEPO says:

can you jailbreak ipad 2?

CaptainHax says:

Hi Usman (ATS). I downgraded to ios 8.1.2 and tried to jailbreak but TaiG
isn’t detecting iTunes on my computer. Then I downgraded again to 8.1 and
tried PanGu and it said my iTunes version is too low even though I
installed it yesterday which would be February 07, 2015 and it gave me an
error. When I used TaiG it gave me a link to iTunes and I uninstalled my
old iTunes and installed from TaiG’s link and it still didn’t work. I
re-installed it twice more and even tried the repair on iTunes but it
didn’t. Any solution?

InfamousLegend4 says:

Doesn’t support ipod 5

Andre Richardson says:

Keeps telling me my iTunes is out of date but i’m running 12.1 .The Pangu
jailbreak said the same.

Kyguy says:

I love how obvious it was that you WERE fast forwarding. The white shine
that goes through the green download bar gave it away. -_-

im BJ says:

This is Jailbreak Right?: Get anything for free and do cool stuff !?

Youtuber Guy says:

Does this need Backup or no need for backup?

Shraml says:

i did all the steps but cydia didn’t appear in my ipad, what happened?

fevallia shasta says:

cool its works 😀 thx :)

Thijs Ouderdorp says:

I got an iPhone 5 with ios 8.1.2, and it keeps hanging at 30%. I got
passcode off and search my iPhone off. I tried it with airplane mode on and
off, but it doesn’t work… What to do?

20 Gaming says:

HELP everytime i oen cydia it says preparing file system then it reboots.
then finally when it’s back i tap on cydia and says the same thing and

ShinyGold Gaming says:

What’s 9 + 10?

Marcusi :D says:

UPLOAD A VIDEO!!!!!!! BEFORE I UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!! It’s been too long

mondii barron says:

stuck at 30% please help lol 

Mohammed Abufares says:

what happens if i forgot to uncheck the second box

Gøran Hovland Karlsen says:

I launched Cydia and stuff, loaded and then I got a black screen, went to
the locked screen then heading back, Cydia were gone, aswell as Appstore
and all those apps aswell, how can I fix it and hopefull jailbreak it
again? Now the TaiG wont let me jailbreak again :S Please help =]

Colin Stoffels says:

help… i did install cydia and i tryed to close it, that didn’t work so i
restarted me ipad and after that al me apps went gone…. but i still could
find them on search but i cant see them just one me home. please help …

MasterJack Gaming & Tutorials says:

What is the changes between tethered and untethered

Aland boran says:

but when I click on the blue button so it just says that it is forbidden.
what should I do?

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