Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch – CNET How to

The news is out. You may legally jailbreak your iPhone, iTouch, iPad or any device by Apple. However the only catch is that your warranty by Apple gets void the moment you take this step. Although if you reset to factory settings , it’s as good a new phone, jailbreaking the device is what voids the warranty. In this video by CNET, we show you the steps you can take to jailbreak your apple iphone or iPad easily and quickly.

We also outline all the risks associated with this as well as the benefits of unlocking the full potential of your iPhone or iPad or ipod touch device.

On behalf of JailBreaksiPhones we thank you for watching the video below. Please feel free to share this post or comment below if you like or have questions on the instructional video.

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ilya vorobyev says:

Like if you are watching this in 2015. 

RovicDarkLightnin says:

I want do do it but I’m scared it might brake my ipad and I will get in

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Good old times

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Aren’t you able to buy any in game items for free?

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Manal Qanou says:

Wait does if you jailbreak your device will you go to jail

Hope Brown says:

If you jailbreak can it mess up your iPod or iPhone?? Because I’m scared to
do it

Youssef El-Masry says:

No way! Use FaceTime over 3G? O my god im totally mind blown.

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Brayden Bowman says:

Wtf guys! This was uploaded in 2010! This is patched!

chanzdope says:

Mine only uses developer and I can’t find they key?… I need help.. -.-

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I can’t find the website 🙁 it says its to old or something can you help?

AliCatEatsButter says:

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Dis Be My Channel says:

How can I customize my phone like his in this video? Are they like a
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Paige Lilly says:

Hey, well I have iPod 4g and people say I really need and upgrade but 4g
doesn’t go past iOS 6 so if you try this there’s a chance that it will
crash cuz it wasn’t designed for all this to happen. And this video is 3
years old and things have been updated since then. Plus there has been more
bad comments than good on most videos like this 

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Aiden Studer says:

Its not working on my iPod touch

Steven Cunha says:


DaNukePandaz says:

Does this work with an iPad?

KSGguy says:

Anyone here know how to jailbreak iPhone 4s on IOS 7.1.1? Plz I need help

Rean says:


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