NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8 – 8.1 iPhone 6, 6 Plus,5S,5C,5,4S iPad Air 2,4,3,2, iPad Mini & iPod T 5

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NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Untethered For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S ,5C ,5 , 4S, All iPad Models & iPod Touch 5

You NOW only need to download Pangu here connect the device and click Jailbreak button.
NEW Pangu V1.2.1 Download One Click Jailbreak Windows & Mac:

So now you are Jailbroken click here to see my Top 5 Cydia Tweaks Working On iOS 8 – 8.1

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DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Install Apple Watch UI On iOs 8 / 8.1 Fully Working For iPhone
6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 Untethered For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S ,5C ,5 ,
4S, All iPad Models & iPod Touch 5

DinoZambas2 says:

Pangu Now available for Mac users. The procedure remains the same.

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW Top 5 Cydia Tweaks Working On iOS 8 / 8.1 iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch:

DinoZambas2 says:

NEW One Click Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8.1 iPhone 6, 6 Plus,5S,5C,5,4S iPad Air
2,4,3,2,Mini & iPod T 5

Geers says:

+DinoZambas2 I have problem I’m currently jailbroken on a iPod touch 5 gen
and I get constant random resprings I don’t know what is going on should I
just do a restore?

Gilbert Castillo says:

so i can’t do it if i got a iMac?

Von'Air Bro says:


Please help me, I’m so fucking tired of this shit..
This is about to be my 5th time jailbreaking, installing all my apps, and
tweaks back.
When I reboot my device, it gets stuck at the goddamn apple logo..
You should make a whole-nother video regarding that.
It’s an widespread issue everyone is having..

Everyone that just jailbroke, and installed cydia, IF they reboot they’re
fucked and have to restore..
Reply ASAP..

Dokegz Bonito says:

Hi dino, is it okey if I delete the pangu icon on my device after all? It
really annoys me. :)

Arman Babayan says:

Will I be able to install PPSSPP afterwards the jailbreak?

Manuel Mastermann says:

Hey! Can You make a video with your favourite tweaks on iOS 8?

Marin Brkić says:

I had to restore cause i had password on , and i got stuck on apple logo .
Now im again jailbreaking and on cydia part when i try execute 1st thing it
pops up : eror and it says that comand dpkg -i
cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb failed with return code 1 and error
message, cannot access arhive: no such file or directory :(

Cm_456 says:

I read that we only need the pangu link. So nothing else just run pangu and
ur done? Im confused. There is only one link

Andy Almendarez says:

Can you update apps after jailbreak?

Maher Yasin says:

Where are the files to inject that you show at 4:55? You said they are in
the description?

Callum Mcloughlin says:

can you just jailbreak without restoring? Or do you have to?

MattyYT says:

Pangu will not detect my device it just says initializing

Faye Barnard says:

Helpppp.. I’ve connected my phone and after the first step it says error to
try again .. i have an iphone 5s and im running on ios 8.1.. What sould i
do ??

Leniel Mendez says:

Hey Dino where I can find the cydia’s files?

Fsxpilotman T.V says:

I am on a jail broken device iOS 7.2. How can I up grade to the iOS 8 with
out losing everything.

supermassivedonut says:

hey man, what version does my 4s have to be to start the jailbreak process?
srry im new

Isharth Mehrotra says:

Hey brother,
Thanks for such a good update
But I have a question as in the starting you sai “You need to update it to
iOS 8.1 with iTunes” actually I have already updated it to iOS 8.1 by
normal software update shall I jailbreak it?

soykan kaplan says:

+DinoZambas2 +DinoZambas2 +DinoZambas2 I need help i go on winscp i do
all the things you do it refuses to join some error comes up any help ???

Sander Haglund says:

+DinoZambas2 i cant open WinSCP i have downloaded it but it wont let me
open so i havent started tghe jailbreak as i need to have my ipad

Osvaldo Escalona says:

tengo el iphone 6 version 8.1,1 (12b436) se puede hacer jailbreak ?

Brooklynapoli says:

you got talent my friend thank you!!!

marc aaron says:

Ok, success on following your video, my iPhone 5s is now jailbroken, or at
least I think it is, is it normal for jailbroken apps to be greyed out? 

worrel bennett says:

i dont c the winscp link

Ramiz Alxasov says:

Cant install pangu on my phone, its stop installing at the finish. Dunno
why Pls help Duno

Akib Muntu says:

Hi Dino How to get cydia 1.1.13 and cydia iproj ???

toby aznague says:

Hi dino,
Does it have to be via itunes or can you jailbreak it if you update via
your iphone to??

Danish Bhatia says:

hello Dino,
i just wanted to ask you that is it compulsory to install ios 8.1 via
actually i have already installed ios 8.1 OTA so can i proceed this jail
breaking process..? 

Michael J says:

Hey Dino I tried rebooting my iPad mini 2 after jail breaking and now it’s
stuck at the apple logo please help. 

thien le says:

Please ignore my last comment. But I have question about the 2 Cydia .deb
files. WHen I downloaded the 2 files I thought I have to open with notepad
so I change the location of thoese 2 files to note pad and I cannot change
it back to its original file. Can you show video how to change it back to
original file? Thanks

playboy71322 says:

Anybody have the issue of rebooting and getting hung on Apple logo??

indiostilo1 says:

where can i download those 2 files ? answer please

Olle Skillius says:

does it work for iPhone 4s?

Stephonne Donovan says:

But I already updated my iPhone without iTunes…can I still jailbreak it
without loosing any of my data an applications? 

brianegan3 says:

Why would you jailbreak your iPhone anymore?

aaronsilver1 says:

sooo i jb before the same phone and i did this tiwce the reason is i had to
get my back up bc i turned off my phone bc it was fucking up and now i cant
get cydia again plz help me 

PSRepz says:

can you help me when i type in those commands it hangs i restored my iphone
3 times with no back up and it hangs. Help

Jakub Wolkanowski says:

Wiem I copy the cydia app and j reboot my iphone
Telephone dont on
On and off in the Apple only creen what I mast do ?

Nejc Rupreht says:

Will this work if im on ios 8.0.2 and how do i turn find my iphone off?

إذاعة أنا المسلم says:

i can’t login winSCP ; i get this msg : Error Resau ….. plz help me

mohammed matheen says:

I need the link to download the SSH i cant seem to find it please elaborate

skullkidd4 says:

I followed all the steps and I still don’t get cydia????

Luke Knockton says:

Alright man, I seen a comment by yourself (sure I did) regarding an update
to Pangu, can’t seem to find it now though!

Is pangu needed to update aftter the jailbreak? Easy to follow vid, great

Amelia Balmer says:

hey dino, i have he same problem as “isaiah hernandez” except its on a ipad
4. i downloaded cydia and then when it was at the screen for opening file
system of cydia the ipad then rebooted it self and is now stuck on the
apple logo screen. i tried connecting it to itunes but the pc wouldnt
recognise the device and it is stilll stuck on the apple logo. please help

KarulfTheGamer says:

how do i remove pangu again

Kevin Szigeti says:

pangu doesn’t work ! 🙁 can you help me?

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