Should You Jailbreak?

Do you jailbreak / root on iPhone or Android?

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At JailbreakCon 2014 I sat down and chatted with Steven De Franco, better known in the community as iH8sn0w about what jailbreaking is all about and whether or not you should jailbreak or root your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone / tablet.


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Austin Evans says:

So what do you guys think, is jailbreaking/rooting worth it for you?

Andrew Manning says:


Octopux says:

jailbreaking iphone destroys the purpose of buying an iphone, if u like
those stuff.. just go get android….. but either side should be respected
upon each other. 

HazingGamer says:

I would jailbreak my iPad mini on iOS 8.1.1 but I’m scared cuz I don’t
wanna break it what if I turn it off will it be able to turn back on ??????
I want to help??????????????


Once my Android device stops receiving updates or comes with bloatware that
I just can’t stand, I root. Also, let’s not forget AdAway, probably one of
the biggest reasons I root aside from flashing custom ROMs.

Bjork Vlogdok says:

Yes you should. If you’re 17 and crazy about snapchat then no you
shouldn’t. If you want more from your iPhone/ iDevice then yes definitely.

Oliver M-W says:

I hate jail breaking because if you crack your phone iPod iPad or any iOS
devise you can’t fix it

oscar martinez says:

I rooted my galaxy s5 (jailbreak for android) and it makes it lag. Maybe bc
I downloaded a lot of shit -.- it’s cool tho I just wish I didn’t lag.
Doesn’t lag alot but sometimes you can tell. More in camera. 

SynisterFour says:

Jailbreaked an iphone 3gs …… OS went bat shit crazy ….. rooted an
Xperia ……. phone became hot as fuck ……… dont jailbreak unless you
REALLY need to …..

Chris Endicott says:

No because if u didn’t know the jailbreak eventually shuts down the phone

MlgPro Andrew says:

On iphone 5 don’t jailbreak it will stop charging and u have to buy new
cables like ever 2 weeks

Bob FakeName says:

Instruction were not clear enough, my dick is stuck in my toaster.

Galen Strother says:

I haven’t been able to jail break my device because I can’t find the right
update for it I have an iPhone 4c

LegendKillz says:

wait jailbreaking is getting harder?? when i can do it with a press of a

Mohamed eltahir says:

Jailbreak if u wanna get bricked

KathrynHazuka says:

hell yea! root 24/7 all android phones ever 😀 easy to remove KNOX flags is
the need be for warranty, it usually involved running a simple app you get
from the webs, and it lets you do SOOOOO much, including adding featured
and enhancements to your device firmware without needing to flash a custom
rom! AMAZING! Love android. Im never going back to apple/windows 😛 (had
all types of phones in the past) 

Eduardo Perez says:


tibet unal says:

İ just try to jailbreak my ipad it didin’t work at all

HeylonNHP says:

I just rooted my LG-P655K Android phone today. Rooting your device
certainly comes with its benefits.

naga anjaneyulu says:

I like jailbreaking because that gives more features but after
jailbreaking,my iPad stopped syncing with iTunes in my I got to reset

Pietros21xb says:

yes i have root , custom rom , custom kernel , and custom recovery on my
xperia j :}
why ?? to make it better than producent have it doon :}

Rahil Dhodapkar says:

For those with an IOS device considering to jailbreak, I would definitely
recommend to. It is the only way to break through the simple and very
limited IOS. Just remember to always follow the proper steps to not lose
any data, and to get Cydia to run perfectly. For those with an Android
device considering to root, you honestly don’t have to. Android is already
very customizable and you have a lot more freedom. Rooting just adds more
zest. Anyways, that’s my take on what you should do. 

Stephen Putnick says:

I don’t know about jailbreaking, but custom ROMs are an absolute necessity
for Android. The way Android devices, including flagship models, are
released to the public is so disgusting it’s unbelievable. Except for the
likes of Nexus devices, they are bloated and slow. It’s so sad that it
takes a little effort to get these ROMs working, because the huge majority
of people are living in ignorance of what Android really is. When I sold my
Galaxy S3, and had to switch the phone back to TouchWiz, I almost threw up
in my mouth. How Samsung can send out a device in this state is beyond
anything I am able to comprehend. I hope to God that a way is paved so the
masses can experience the glory of what a custom ROM is and what an Android
experience can and should be.

sebbe öster says:

Guys, don’t believe kids that has no idea what they are doing, like: it
stuls bank infrmatin ermagherd.
When you guys write that your problem applies for everyone… Are you
stupid?! I mean I have had jailbreak for 6 months or something and I
haven’t had a problem.
It can screw up your phone but don’t believe those kids… Just don’t….

Tyler Luna says:

I don’t really like apple but… if they would give the user more control
(like if you jailbreak it) I would like apple a hole lot more…..

Ithihas M says:

Does the device become very slow if we jailbreak?

Villicy says:

That’s why I have an Iphone instead of an android :)

Jared Johnson says:

I don’t because phones are fragile and this voids warranty

Deontae Cocroft says:

When I jailbreaked my iPad mini, one month my ipad crashed. It kelp on
turning on and off constantly. Then I had to format my device. No more
jailbreak for me.

Mrvideosandgames says:

I only rooted my [Android] phone so I could overclock it. :P

WAFFLESxDv says:

I still use an old flip phone. I don’t like touchscreens anyways.

InDaHood says:

i just recently rooted my S3, and i gotta say that its worth it… so much
more customizable like in the build.prog file (only root guys would
understand) you can do so much stuff!

Mr Selcouth says:


MooTaters says:

I’m tempted to root my xoom and put kitkat on it, but don’t want to brick
it…And the only guide people seem to refer others to all the time doesn’t
feel detailed enough for a noob to rooting/custom roms like me. As a geek
I’d like to see the improvements on my xoom, especially since I don’t have
a smartphone, but I also don’t use it for much more than youtube/Netflix on

Alfredo Rivero says:


Everyone else: Oh you want that? Sure. Go ahead I mean you payed for it…

xNoahAC says:

is jailbreaking an ipad illegal 

dragonhart6505 says:

The absolute first thing I do with any portable device I get (Android,
never been a fan of iOs) is root. There are so many advantages, the biggest
being Titanium Backup. I have so many apps and so much data that I refuse
to lose. Being able to restore it between devices is so worth it. I dont
care about the warranty. If I break it, its my fault. The other advantage
is roms and the offerings that Cyanogenmod and ParanoidAndroid have built
in that aren’t native to android software out of the box.
Then again, its very dependant on what you intend to do with the root and
if you even know what root is. I do a lot of unlocking and flashing, much
of which requires root or modded roms. When the person gets the device back
I have to explain to them what it allows them to do. And the process is
completely reversible, so I can simply disable or uninstall root privileges
if they dont intend to use it.
Absolutely root or jailbreak is totally worth it, but like I said its user

Josiah Cornett says:

I have never jail broken any device. I seriously considered it at one time,
but I think that iOS is pretty darn good without jailbreaking it, and I
fear the possible security risks that come with it!

colin porter says:

After rooting my galaxy s3 mini i couldn’t believe the amount of
customizations and tweaks available. But I didn’t root my phone for a long
time because i was afraid of bricking it. Only after months of looking up
rooting information(mainly from XDA website) did I have the confidence to
try it. AnI am glad I did. The tweaks that increase battery life has helped
a lot.

Awesomeness Productions says:

Wow just jailbroke my iPad and then saw this video! but jailbreaking can
and is also used for downloading free apps and software and i think he left
that out of this video for a reason! :P

Viktor Lox says:

If your device won’t get laggy as hell, drain the battery in a minute or
get superhot after the root/jbreak then I don’t see a reason to not perform
the root/jbreak

Tyler O says:

I rooted my HTC One (M8). I initially didn’t want to, as it had permanently
bricked my Xperia that I had in the past, however there was just way too
much bloatware and apps that auto-start so it outweighed my downsides.

Ben Oslund says:

jailbreaking is not worth it because it can screw up your phone and can
allow hackers to steal your bank information. plus apple worked very hard
on making the software the way people like a phone to be and if you
jailbreak your phone it is saying you don’t like apples software they
worked really hard on.

Travis Weir says:

I rooted my ancient LG Optimus T because A. I could and B. Now I can use
Link2SD which is vital because the phone has a 1GB chip, which is used half
for RAM and storage so I have a 1/2 GB for everything on internal memory,
which is taken up mostly by the OS. And the clunky boot and shutdown
animations from T-Mobile. I definitely love the functions of root and when
I get my Nexus 6 I will be rooting it. I also love the Avast Anti-Theft
rooted functions over non-root.

AcId Vortex says:

i wish i could root my phone :(

ZhoumHD says:

i jailreak just because i hate how apple doesnt let you have the freedom
you shoukd for the price you pay.

Steelers455 says:

I jailbroke and i love it +Austin Evans 

Austin Clement says:

Not jail broken, will break my warranty of my 5S’s 2 year warranty, might
by end of plan though.

Hawk Gaming HD says:

Huh gayyyy

The Feastin Beasts says:

Yea then why is it almostinpossible to jailbreak ios6?!

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