The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone, With iOS 9

For those individuals that like a minimalist interface, with dark colors, this video shows how to setup “The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone”.  Below are the items covered in this video:

LSX – 0:49 – widget that displays time on the lock screen
Priority Hub – 0:58 – allows you to manage notifications, from the lock screen
HideMeX – 1:56 – let’s you hide items on the lock screen
Wallpaper in video – 1:56-
InstaLauncher – 2:30 – allows you to swipe up, to get access to all installed apps
HideMeX – 4:27 – customization of “Control Center”
NudeKeys – 5:08 – clean, minimalist keyboard for messages app
Messages Customizer Pro & Eclipse 3 – 5:21 – sets a dark background for messages app
Muze 2 theme – 5:28 – sets a dark background for settings app
Cistem Aperio – 6:16 – customize the dim, as “Control Center” is swiped up
ColorBanners – 6:38 – banners will assume color of the current theme
LockHTML4 – 7:00 – customization of widgets
Additional details about “Messages Customizer Pro” – 8:02
Additional details about “NudeKeys” – 8:33
Additional details about “PriorityHub” – 8:38
WatchNotifications – 8:51 – customization of notifications
WinterBoard – 9:17 – allows you to apply custom themes

Please note that your device must be jailbroken and you must have Cydia installed, in order to use the above tweaks.

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