Top 10 Best iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps 2014 for iPhone 5s/5/4s/4 and iPod Touch 5G

Tweaks and apps shown in the video are listed in the order that they appear:

1) Betrfolder
2) Barrel
3) Bytafont2
4) Purge
5) Switchspring
6) Simplock
7) Swipey
8) Tinybar
9) Zeppelin
10) Snoverlay

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Natalie Zambrano says:

Will something bad happen if you jailbreak your phone? I just want to
change the font. And how do you jail break your phone?


You can also get the app barrel which is free and you don’t have too wast
2.99 dollars on like I did 

LeCocoRain says:

Why ain’t I subbed to you? Damn better fix that. Calmest and most relaxed
jail breaker on YouTube!

Monster Energy says:

I use pangu jailbreak for my iphone 4 

HaystackGaming01 says:

if you get the right app you can get the paid apps she showed for free :)

Faith lovett says:

How do I get cydia on my phone? Bc it’s not on App Store . 

M Vaisnavi says:

I can’t find snoverlay in cydia

Gorzol Mike says:

Hey guys, do you’ve any problem unlocking your AT&T phones? Because most
sites that were able to unlock AT&T aren’t anymore, since AT&T did the info
base renew. But you will find still sites which may have usage of the
database, MobileUnlox is one, go check it out, it’s among the fastest
unlocking site for AT&T without doubt.

imani campbell says:

will all my apps run safely if i jailbreak my ipod and is there any
problems with yours

Alisa Plotnikov says:

I can’t find zepplin. Can jail breaking shut off your device or break it ?
And do you have a video of jail braking ?

BabyGirlLuv4 says:

Never mind I saw the whole vid lol

Jenna Parrish says:

Bytafont does not work for me….it lets me do everything and say that the
changes have been made but it never changes the font…I was really exited
to get it can anybody help???!!!

Kendall Alaunis says:

I love this wallpaper … Where to get ? 

Griffin Gray says:

News & Guides to help you understand your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch!
*JailbreakBJ. com*.
Safe one!!!

_aiyanaa_ says:

do you recommend using pangu for 7.1.2 jailbreak ?

TheEpicCoDNinja says:

When you jailbreak your phone (iPhone 5/iPod 5) will your phone be slow?

Kimaya Carey says:

If I was to do this would I be able to get music for free?

Mauricio Greenem says:

Jailbreak your iPhone Free & Easy .
*JailbreakBJ. c om.*
this video doesnt help!

tiffany carpenter says:

I can’t find barrel can u help me please 

Bebee Shayuntea says:

What’s this font called? 

BabyGirlLuv4 says:

I love your vids!!! But how did you changed the words to normal to awesome 

jesse pickett says:

Quick little tip there is an app on cydeia called cylinder same things as
barrel but free

Yim Noren says:

i can’t find snoverlay

Cisko 123 says:

Who is the old hag in the video

Hanabi X says:

5c dont got no 64 bit!

Rashaan Davenport says:

What font is that ? 

Ale Magar says:

can’t install Bytafont2,
says: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

kafjuzi y says:


Erdei Gusztav says:

For anyone having problems unlocking their AT&T phones, you are able to
have a look at attphoneunlocking.(com) for really good service, it’s the
most trustworthy unlocking site I’ve ever use, never took us more than 24
hours to unlock any of my phone.

Huhan OtherPerson says:

Ipod 4th gen?

DirtDude119 says:

Cylinder is better than barrell there’s wayyyy more animations and barrel
crashed my phone 

Autumn Ouellette says:

Instead using Barrel you could use cylinder for free

Amber Paige says:

what is the theme and wallpaper on your iphone called? and which app did u
get it from?

1995sweetiepie1995 says:

I can’t find snoverlay on cydia :(

nas george says:

??? I got barrel for free 

Juliet M says:

its Betrfoldr not BetrfoldEr )) 

le'vek ツ says:

i love ur voice *-*

Jay Radke says:

since alot of people are asking for it . (:

Вера и says:

Hello friendly

Mike van Dalen says:

what font is she using?

Bach Nguyen Gia says:

does it cost money

Morford Revell says:
Evan Woodske says:

Freaking love your voice :)

Kuber Dhawan says:

What is the name of the font?

mariah salling says:

What font are you using?

Flaverrex says:

Such WaFa

Israel Gallegos says:

Hey um how do you get those letters PS I LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND

Reemani Alhameli says:

Hey when i click on install ” byta font 2 ” its says that it is unsafe ? I
want to download it but im thinking that it is gonna brock my ipad HELP

Mia CollinsonTV says:

Does anyone know a good website to jailbreak my iPhone 4s iOS 7?

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