Top 10 iOS 8 Tweaks – Pangu Jailbreak Compatible

Coolest Top 10 iOS 8 Tweaks That Work After Pangu Untethered Jailbreak. Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus & 6 & all iPhones, iPads & iPod 5! Works on 8.1, 8.0.2 & 8.0.

Complete List of iOS 8 Tweaks:

EVEN More iOS 8 Tweaks:
iOS 8 Jailbreak Here:
iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Out Now HERE:

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EverythingApplePro says:

So you jailbroke your iPhone, what now? Top 10 iOS 8 Compatible Tweaks.

EverythingApplePro says:

iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Out Now HERE:

EverythingApplePro says:

Here is the complete list of iOS 8 compatible tweaks:

scott ODonoghue says:

I have a question after jailbreaking my phone (iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1)
everytime I press my home button ones it acts like I hit it twice. (So for
example when I close out of an application on my second page it closes the
app and send me back to my first page) Does anybody know what causes this
or how to fix it? If so please tell me!

AidenBennet says:

How do I get barrel? 

ส่งฮอลล์คูลไป says:

why american and any other nation cannot jailbreak ios7-8 by
themseleves???the fact is jailbreak tool was made from chinese team (made
in china) 

Floris van Rooij says:

Should i update my ios 7 jailbreak to 8 and jailbreak with Pangu ?

Alex Zhou says:

I still can’t install Cydia. I tried 5 hours and restored several times 

Simon Foot says:

Barrel is in compatible for my jailbreak??? ;-;

GMHannibal says:

Barrel says that it’s not compatible with my version which is iOS 8.1

seitaneddy says:

JellyLock 7 is not working for me!! Keeps on putting my iPhone in Safe
Mode… How can I get it to work? I really like it…. Thanks!!

John Vahos says:

I installed barrel on my iPhone 6 and had to restore, it was stuck on the
boot logo :(

Reginald Johnson says:

one developers update cydia apps its going to be amazing! i was really big
into jailbreaking with iOS 7 a couple of my favorite tweaks were barrel
winterboard (obviously) intelliscreen x (which will look amazing on 6 plus)
itransmission, ifile, fontin fonts, hd apple- (for winter board) bridge and
itransmission is awesome for torrenting music into your music library. you
torrent your favorite music from the pirate bay or kicks torrents and use
bridge to transfer it into your music library. i would love to post a video
for you to show you my favorites together good job though.

JMZYFX says:

I’m on a jailbroken iPhone 5 @ ios 8.1

Everytime i install Winterboard it goes into safemode.
I respring LOADS but goes back to safemode

I’ve now uninstalled it and its now normal mode
How can i install it w/o it fucking up


J. Carpio says:

is there anyway to change the default keyboard to dark theme without
replacing it with a keyboard app? (jb tweak)

yoska de jong says:

Hey I have a question. We are now on iOS 8.1. Say, I decide to Jailbreak
and install many tweaks, set my phone just the way I like it. Then Apple
come up with 8.1.x. I know I will lose my jailbreak when I update, but then
the Jailbreak team will come up with an updated jailbreak for that 8.1.x,
I’d have to rejailbreak and reinstall all my tweaks manually?

michael noslen says:

barrel doesnt work for me?

nd k says:

So many android fans here hating on a apple video
They obviously have an android phone
Why the fuck are u here ? Just to hate and talk up ur android ?
It’s pathetic really lol
More android people watch apple videos then apple people lol

Edwin Gibson says:

Why must the battery always suck when jail broken this is a plus it should
be fine…

ThunderBolt says:

A.) Is it legal to jailbreak ios 8 on an iphone in the US?
B.)Will this harm your phone?
C.)Will it effect your cellular data?

TheParadox116 says:

Can you do a video on how to successful unjailbreak ios 8 

DAT pug says:

does it slow the phone

Nigel Harrison says:

Excellent video thank you. Could you advise please if there is an app on
cydia/ or elsewhere which fools apps into thinking the iphone isn’t
jailbroken? For example my Barclays banking app and Good/ email client
knows an phone is JB’d and so won’t allow themselves to be used. Skype does
that too (saying it won’t be supported) but still allows you to use it.

beratalbania says:

jellylock is a disgrace to ios that shit it ugly and mimics android 

Masp/Junglecat says:

waiting for redsn0ws fully compatible jailbreak. a jailbreak this early and
time consuming isn’t worth it at all. 

Mohnish Vaid says:

Will I lose my new warranty on my iPhone 6 if I jailbreak? Pls reply, I
don’t know what to believe 

Viper The MLG Pro says:

Waitin for the new jailbreak vids :)

Ahad Baig says:

My Ipad Mini Retina is currently running 7.0.2, is it worth the upgrade to
8.1? im not really concerned with security issues, im more concerned about

iTzSabrina says:

Is it just me who gets a bug with statuses? If I’m on YouTube and change
the volume it crashes

Shamankng says:

What about nds4ios or psp emulator? Does these work full speed at iPhone
6/6 Plus?

Icy Rhodes says:

instead of barrel use cylinder you dont have to restart everytime

Jason S says:

Why is it that with my jailbroken iphone 5s it gets stuck on the boot logo
when i reboot my phone? For example, i installed winterboard, it rebooted
and it was stuck on the apple logo, this is happened twice and this is the
second time ive jailbroken my device, why does this happen?

Mysterious Creator says:

I want to jailbreak my iPod touch 4g but I don’t know how to do it… HELP

Saad Alkanbashi says:

Is jailbraking illegel?

Penta Playz says:

Does it destroy your computer? I want to jailbreak, but dont want to break
the family computer…

AllFor1 says:

I get an error anytime i try to install the ssh its says error
“domain=com.pangu.loader.deb-install code=2…” any suggestions/solutions?

HeroicMonster says:

I found out you can’t have passcode on after you jailbreak or else when you
try to reboot, it will get stuck in an infinite boot loop. Any idea when it
will be fixed?

FuZionSniperzZ says:

Can you tell me how I can get siri and airdrop on my ipad 2? I’m jailbroken
on 8.1

sirn1ght says:

I’m still running iOS 4.1 on my 3rd generation iPod Touch. I can’t Open app
store, the Youtube app or iTunes. Any ideas?!? I Guess I cannot update to
the latest ios :/

skylar wong says:

i have accidentally deleted the big boss repo thing on cydia where it is
originally there when i first install cydia, now i cant install any tweaks,
at first, it shows me that i need Cydia Substrate and other 2 stuff (i’ve
forgotten their names), so i went on and installed it, now if i wanted to
install tweaks like StatusHUD 2, it shows me that i need to install
StatusHUD 2 (same thing with Cydia Subtrate, only this time it needs me to
install StatusHUD 2, which i dont have and i wanted to install it), any
idea how to fix them?
good video though, subscribed to your account 🙂

btw, i am currently using a iphone4s, dont know if this is what caused the

Kdyso says:

Great video and DO NOT reboot your iPhone with a pass code enabled because
it puts it in a boot loop

tyler amerson says:

my iphone got stuck on the apple logo whet its turning on !! what do i do ?

Ricky Hernandez says:

Moviebox and Vshear are they working yet???

rami416 says:

My friend had a problem when his iphone died on pangu jailbreak for ios 8.1
after jailbreaking then couple hours later his phone died and had to charge
it and then tried to charge it then got stuck in Apple boot logo and he had
to restore, Is there a fix for that

Gonzo Mania says:

I have jail broke my iphone 4s and i have the cydia and pangu but when i
look in my settings I dont have any of these settings? please help this is
the first time ive done this?

ÜberShy Lee says:

So I have a problem, every time I install something from cydia that is
supposed to appear as an icon on my screen it just doesnt show up. Every
other tweak works fine (the ones that install and appear on your settings)
but not the ones that should appear as an app. Does anyone know why? Thanks
in advance!

a ad says:


Cesar Castro says:

Does anyone know if you have the messages app not sending images? please
let me know. thank you

CJFstudios says:

Can you please show us how to download pangu for Mac 

Eric Quintana says:

i had to factory reset my phone twice because everytime i turned it off
completely it would freeze on the loading apple logo… anyone else?

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