Top 25 Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 8

Here Are The Best, Top 25 Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Jailbreaking will never be obsolete and here’s why.

Full List of Reasons HERE:

Jailbreak iOS 8 HERE:
Top 50 Tweaks HERE:

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EverythingApplePro says:

Here’s the full list of tweaks I used.

EverythingApplePro says:

The Top 25 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad & iPod on iOS 8.

Saleem U says:

swag haircut bro i like it

XGN Eon says:

i could land a plane on that monitor 

Nate N says:

i regret so much upgrading to 8.1.3 since you cant jailbreak on that. fk

Mohammad Al-Zawahreh says:

Yeah, you also forgot that Jailbreaking voids your warranty with Apple and
increases the risk of a software malfunction. Especially If vital
installations are deleted from Cydia. Sure, Jailbreak – but only using the
most popular method, after your Warranty is already finished AND only
installing the most well known and safe tweaks.

Otherwise something will go wrong and you’ll be left with a useless
unrepairable phone and a 2 year contract to top it off.

Ashar Ahmed says:

At 1:38 what theme is he running

Dustyn The Champ says:

Does jail breaking make your device slower?

icetool34 says:

What is the apple watch ui thing called?

Abdelrahman Bahaa says:

look at the back .
talk about super widescreen monitors

Bruce Bartie says:

Sooooo….. You buy an Apple product and then you Jailbreak it to get it to
work like stock Android….o_O Really? Why not just buy an Android device?
They have higher hardware specs, cost less and don’t require Jailbreaking
or rooting to do all the things mentioned in the video.
No, i’m not an Android fanboy. I just got an iPad mini and was disappointed
to find just how limited it is. So I came across this video and, basically,
you’re saying that I need to run my iPad like Android to get full
functionality out of it? I could’ve paid less for an Android device and
would’ve gotten all this functionality out of the box! Damn!

Sankalp Yadav says:

When is the jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3 is coming? I’m in problematic situation
can’t downgrade my iOS and also want to jailbreak. Plz. Guys help

jonathan figueroa says:

cant find cydia in the apple store 

Angelica Bongot says:

When you unjailbreak your phone and jailbreak it again, do you have to
purchase the tweaks again?

undearwearman654 says:

I have 3gb of free hotspot. Will buying tethering give me more hotspot for

willcraft120 says:

Tbh i couldnt live without my iphone 6 plus jailbroken it feels so weird

Isabelle Brown says:

All these things you can do with android

Vernon Trinh says:

Carriers can find out about teather me. T mobile caught me lol

james smith says:

what was the tweak that supercharged Spotify? thats the main reason i
jailbroke my device then i realized you never even said the tweaks name :(

ZV | MatriX™ says:

Is jail breaking illegal? And if it isn’t I’ve heard Apple can cancel your
plan if you’ve jail broke? Is that stuff true?

ChrisAzalea666 says:

He’s talked about this spotify tweak in two videos but never told us the
name why

Csab6482 says:

Pretty good video but you can set songs as ringtones without a jailbreak if
you use a windows computer. If anyone wants to know how I’ll be happy to
tell them.

ItzEnderHD says:

Can I Add Find My iPhone and iCloud On Once Jailbroken
Please Answer?

Nicekill says:

Hey i have an iphone 5s and i have an question, is it safe to jailbreak
because i had an iphone 4s and when i jailbreaked it (my dad) the screen
beginned to flimmer in black and white… So yea… Is it safe? :)

Joshua Fuentes says:

Hey can i get the hotspot for my ipod if its jail broken?

Jake Tow says:

I don’t want to jailbreak my 6, so I jail broke my iPod touch 5

daniyal siddiqui says:

Can you please tell me how Jailbreaking is different than Rooting an
android? (I’ve done both the things, but dont know the exact difference)
like, Rooting gives access to SuperUser on our phones, but what does
jailbreaking do?

ladybluu says:

Will a device go back to normal after iOS gets updated while being jail

jeneau saunders says:

I was convinced since 2000 years ago, but still waiting for 8.2 jailbreak

Deftstaw says:

Now, I’m completely impartial to the apple/android debate, but a lot of
these changes are already on android devices… If making so many changes
make the phone “better”, would that not mean it’s better to get an android?
The “clear all” skull thing is just another button on android- for

Troy Nall says:

Can anyone tell me how to install/use “taiG_v1.2” without installing all
that other junk software? even when I click to “decline” or “skip” the
installer still installs that crap ?

Jacques Miller says:

Does jailbreaking slows down the performance of your phone? +

João Pedro Veiga says:

Awesome! It makes the iphone an android like phone! Now i can safely buy my
6 plus. 

Lio Deth says:

guys is jailbreak for 8.2 released or no please help me :(

Grant Keller says:

I’m Jailbroken on ios 7 still so should I restore and rejailbreak on ios 8?

Brenda Clyne says:

i want to jailbreak my iphone 6 plus but im scared it will mess it up,what
should i do 

JokkimBOO says:

Should i jailbreak right now before 8.1.3 comes out? I have 8.1.2 now, will
jailbreak not work anymore in 8.1.3?

- Lucassius says:

whats the name of the second tweak to make your springboard change like

Katychu Foy says:

Can i play GBA4IOS?

Doug Cannon says:

Now that I have an iPhone 5c cause I used to have my old iPod touch 4g, can
anyone please tell me what is the name of the tweak, theme, whatever the
hell that is call at 1:30? I want that! Someone respond to me asap!

Psyentist says:

Half this stuff you don’t have to jailbreak to do anymore. And a REASON
isn’t an app that might or might require jailbreaking; it’s a
rationalization of WHY anyone should risk voiding warranties for the
ability to get a reminder that you might have set your alarm for PM instead
of AM. There’s no reasons given in this video, none other than you can
show your friends a slightly different home screen at recess. Once. Then
risk being hacked for the lifetime of your phone, smart.

AwesomeGamers says:

What happens with the battery life when u jailbreak it?

samson3561 says:

im getting a note 4 for xmas. crazy i might be swapping from ios to
android. not sure if ill regret ir or not

Alyssa Sanchez says:

I Want To Jailbreak My iPhone 5 With 8.1.3 Does Anyone Know When A
Jailbreak Is Comeing Out?

TheHack Theory says:

Can i get your red and white apple logo wallpaper?please

patrik streng says:

All this android already has

Ski4allday says:

Help! I cant downgrade back to 8.1.2! “This IPSW is not signed which means
that you cannot restore to it in iTunes.”

Alberto Hernandez says:

And we’ll I have to re-download apps that I already have downloaded?

Irvan Fajri says:

what is name of tweaks increase security against thieves? (5:05)

MrEthanhines says:

I have an ipad air 1 with cellular. I think it’s CRAY that it doesn’t allow
SMS or Regular Calls. Can Jailbreaking allow me to install stock Phone/SMS

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