The Top 50 Cydia Tweaks and Themes – 2014

This video will talk you through the best 50 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7. You’ll need a jailbroken phone to make the most of these changes but if you do, then this video will help you to get even more function and style out of your iPhone. Most of these will also work with iPad.

Jailbreaking a phone is a great way to gain access to new options that can help to make your device more personalized as well as to give you more productivity and accessibility features. Watch this video and be amazed at what you can do with an iOS device!

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Rhys D'souza says:

This is a total fake none of these are on the appstore!!!!

NotChicken says:

ccloader crashes ios 8.1 just a heads up

Going Ham Again says:


Loki TM says:

Ok my phone looks like yours now apart from those little numbers in bubbles
on ur apps u know for saying miss calls and emails how many you have. How
do you get all the different colours ? Thanks

Donna Gambrell says:

Cydia did not work on my phone :(

Cyphx Zyphx says:

Does anyone know what the new name is for BarrelDock? I heard the developer
kept switching it up and now I can’t find it.

Going Ham Again says:

ur wallpapers?????

infinitysky says:

I am not allowed to jailbreak my iphone because my parents say it might cut
the cellular connection. I really want to jailbreak for the customization.
Is there any ideas to convince my parents???

Gavin Sumner says:

What lockscreen is he using?

Golem PvP says:

Barrel cost money :8

PotatoLady says:


Kaze GMR says:

How do you make your dock have big and small icons please help?

Lucas Brown says:

alkaline doesnt work for me

Madara Uchiha says:

Dock&Roll doesn’t work, darn!!!

XFaDe Spunjah says:

I downloaded ifile ,that appeared on my home screen then i downloaded
winterboard but thats not on my home screen.

Cadence Nunn says:

are there any tweaks for your lock screen…like while your opening your
locks creen there is an effect?

Joyce Vo says:

I can’t find mobius on cydia

Habibi Hassan says:

How does he put the pacman icon in the status bar?

MrJanobala says:

how does your phone not run like a snail having all those packages on it.
and dont say because you have a 5s because i have a 5s too, and i had like
half of what you have on it and it was way slower than it is when you first
jailbreak. i updated to 7.1.1 recently and did pangu and it was so much
faster like omg.

Daanyaal Mullah says:

My jellylock does not work

Minecraft Warrior says:

Do u guys think I should jailbreak my iphone? Will it harm my device?

xSlaughterHouseGamingx says:

Hey just Jailbroken guys give me ideas on what I should do to customize my
iPhone plz and thx!

jacob Bendah says:

What’s the tweak when on your lock screen u can swipe to go into an app

Abdulaziz Naji says:

you should work in a company

Anand Tamang says:

How to install ifile iOS 8.1

Samer Bilal says:

what theme is he using, (and is it compatible on iOS 6.1.6 iPod 4g)

Calden Lees says:

What tweak is he using for the dock? To make them small and big icons?

cjrun24 says:

Jailbreak noob here and this is fucking awesome! Just got a 6 plus and I
want all of this shit. One thing I really want is to be able to CLOSE OUT
ALL MY APPS AT SAME TIME or with one press of a button. Does that grid
thing allow you to do this or any Cydia app that you know of ? Jailbreaking
my phone tonight so plz respond 

Condemned Sparks says:

When i put my finger on the circle in jelly lock everything moves a little
to the left as if i was going to swipe to unlock and im still able to swipe
to unlock

Texasswagteam0 says:

Dock&roll isn’t working for me. Any tips?

Jacob Bouse says:

Phone won’t let me leave safe mode now….

Brent V says:

Someone please tell me what tweak he is using to fade all the animations
(like opening an app), that shit looks sleak as fuck

Bobo Carrillo says:

jellylock7 crashes you ios 8.1 

John Henry Kaapuni says:

its jailbroken

PVPpriority | Will | JAILBREAK VIDS says:

quality video man, would you shout me out?

XxDkoYxX says:

Or you could just get Springtomize 3 which has most of these (theming) and
more :P

Blood Angel says:

How do. I remove the fade into effect. I removed all these tweets but still
fades into what I tell it to do instead of its standard animations

Tanny Singh says:

Im worried about jailbreaking my ipad mini can you try and convince me 

Kiran Ramlal says:

That does not look like iOS 7/6 (I do not care).
The lock Screen Still looks like apple’s but odd.
Like it more than iOS 7’s usual iOS 7 look.

Niko Estella says:

How do you keep your battery from not draining so much 0__0
My battery has been draining so much after I jaillbroke it, and i barely
have any tweaks on it

Mobygolf says:

has Anyone Else Not been able to find Mobius on the Cydia store?

justfly pl says:

Hi guys my girlfriend blocked me and i cannot call to get do you know tweak
that i can unblock block

Bob Jane says:

Why doesn’t winter board work for some devices

MrAzibido718 says:

i jailbreak my Iphone 5 my iMessage icon is gone i can’t send/receive
message. please help

OfCauseIsaac says:

Everyone clash of clans is unhackable its impossible 

Matias Martinez says:

what icon pack do you use? 

peter miller says:

Hi your work is awesome but can you please teach us how to hack clash of
clans with cydia please thanks

sergio padilla says:

What time is pandora skip?

Lazarus Prototype says:

“The perfect jail broke device” did you jailbreak your the same way you
explained the jailbreak on your video link which is in the description.

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