Top 8 iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks

Jailbreaking is easier than ever with iOS 8, and developers have already optimized existing tweaks for the new iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6—heck, a few apps have been built new from the ground up! In this special video, we look at the best jailbreak tweaks for the best mobile operating system!

F.lux is available from the stock repos.
F.lux beta is available from:

All other packages are available through the default Cydia repositories.

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Maximo says:

But will it change my life?

Tomas Villegas says:

KSL Classifieds app! Ha! Only Utahans will get that. Great video Quinn,
Bioprotect looks awesome.

Jordan White says:

Ahh for Android we don’t even need to root to do this. In fact the app is
free. (pin codes/patterns are used instead of ‘TouchID’)

SkopeaGames SG says:

You earned a Sub!

xxTacoRevolutionxx says:


Larry Greenberg says:

Damn it. This makes me want to jailbreak.

Arno Buyens says:

this video has helped me make the decision to jailbreak, i got all the
tweaks you recommended. I would however switch out forcegoodfit with
CCsettings in this list, I just think it’s a much more essential tweak.
Regardless, this is an amazingly helpful video, great job as always!

Zack Geragosian says:

Great video highlighting some amazing Cydia Tweaks for your iPhone

SxC KrYpT0nItE says:

I still use SpeedIntensifier over the Springtomize 3 animation speed
manager because I find it is a little faster than Springtomize 3. :D

bleedinsixcolours says:

Im honestly thinking about jailbreaking this generation… I have bought
every iPhone and the last one I jailbroke was the iPhone 4S and I noticed a
massive slowdown…
Quinn have you noticed any kind of stuttering that wasn’t there before?
That is the sort of thing that really gets on my nerves that would put me
off jailbreaking.

Rob Rai says:

I think ForceGoodFit works by changing the DPI for each app. It’s like on
android if you’re rooted you can change the DPI, which changes scaling.

Petrva1 says:

You’re still turning my siri on by saying “hey siri!” :D

Sam Owen says:

How many (if any) of these would work on an IPod 5th gen? Thanks :D

Sean Dolan says:

Everytime you said heysiri my phone turned on Siri

Richard Gao says:

+Snazzy Labs Awesome video! Looks like the animation speed being increased
makes for more frame drops, can you confirm this? I’ve already noticed more
dropped frames on the 6 Plus than the 6 in normal use.

Gamesaw Drew says:

Apple should impliment BioProtect into iOS

Rob Rai says:

A lot of these remind me of root apps/xposed apps for android. It’s pretty
amazing to see how similar Android and Apple CAN be.

rebecca stratton says:

is jailbreaking an iphone 6 plus bad? plz tell me if itl ruin the phone in
the long run??!! . whats the pros and cons!!!

Erik Martinez says:

Nephi! 🙂 

Cody Darnell says:

Just one more thing that I should add. Many people think that when you
jailbreak that you are more susceptible to viruses and malware and the
phone isn’t secure anymore. While you can get these from Cydia tweaks and
pirated apps, the app store is still safe as Apple does check these apps
before allowing them in the app store. The only places you should worry
about malware is bad repos that contain cracked apps and tweaks. Most if
not all preloaded repos are totally clean and are safe places to download

xxTacoRevolutionxx says:

It sucks because i cant buy anything because i dont have an amazon account 

Rashad Lee says:

Lds tools!!

Stephen Burch says:

Always well made and enjoyable. Thanks!

SteveO4478 says:

Oh yeah we’re do you get those wallpapers?? Thanks!

Josh Webbs says:

You need to download its absoultely amazing it will change your life….

Ahmed Abdullah says:

cool list bro!

Nellogs says:

Awesome video Quinn! 

Tamika Moore says:

how did you get the weather in your notification center like that?

LPunderground XII says:

Really great video, you just used ” will change your life ” too often. Not

rockyelbrodi says:

Great video Quin! The quality’s video is precise and the video doesn’t bore
you. These tweaks are very useful and cool, but the fact that you have to
jailbreak in order to get these is one of the reasons I switched to
Android. I remember jailbreaking my iPhone 4S. It was cool at first to have
the ability to do a lot of what you did in the video. You should make a
similar video on Android. There are a lot of non-root apps that allow you
to do some pretty cool stuff. For instance, I use Nova Launcher and Tasker
among many other. They go very well together. I’m sure a lot of people
would be interested!

kyle dotson says:

And i ask myself why apple does not use these battery saving things? Come
on apple!!!

Marquan Williams says:

What’s ur wallpapers ? 

すごいかわいい Rebbi-Chan says:

What is the Tweak called so u tap with 3 fingers on the screen and it
brings up all ur apps u have been into? GAHAH Sry my english ( _ _ ”) 

Devil_Killer_12 says:

When you’re watching this while charging your phone. The moment he says
“Hey Siri” siri opens. Cool

Vid čuš says:

Can you still use app store and skype

DynamicHunter says:

Thank you for showing paid and free jailbreaks, really helpful

brandon cahill says:

Where do you get those wallpapers

Austin Davidson says:

Hey! That’s awesome! I’m LDS as well! 

Alique Johnson says:

I love snazzy labs 

MrCelroy says:

When will you ever make a Face to face vid again? 

Selo Cavas says:

Whats ur ID in vainglory?

Nona Hussain says:

your iphone is amazing !!!

Harrison Edwards says:

when you said 7:36 when you said “hey siri’ my iPhone listened.

Brian Willis says:

This comment is absolutely amazing that it’s amazing. It’s so super easy
crazy sauce to read that it will change your life. 

Edwin O says:

Quinn, can you back up your iPhone to iCloud over the air, when
Does the jailbreak affect the iCloud back up if I ever need it to restore
back to default?

Thanks. Enjoying my jailbroken phone. Awesome tweaks

betalta90 says:

Can u share your wallpaper?

Mexicomank2 says:

Anyone else worried the NSA/Hacker will try and take advantage of the
jailbreak exploits to snoop/implant viruses ? That’s one thing that makes
me hesitant but perhaps I am to paranoid 

Christopher Guzman says:

I got that battapp but for some reason i got a battery in my status bar how
can i take it off????

Benny Rodriguez says:

@Snazzy Labs I’ve always wanted to jailbreak but I’m worried about the
warranty or ever being able to take it back if something happens to it.
Whats your take on that?

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