Updated One Click Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Untethered – iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad & iPod Touch

Updated AGAIN! New Pangu 1.1 Untethered One Click Jailbreak iOS 8, 8.1, 8.0.2 How To iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 & iPod Touch 5th Gen. Fully Untethered!

Links & Full Guide:

MAC Version HERE:
iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Out Now HERE:

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EverythingApplePro says:

iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Out Now HERE: http://y2u.be/Oua__HhJpwc

Young Pup says:

The Mac version should always come out before the PC version! 

TheGamer4G says:

If your on Mac and can’t wait for them to release a mac version. Either
download a virtual windows application and download it and do it there or
install Windows using bootcamp OR use a Friend or family members windows

mouseno4 says:

First time i attempted this with admin rights, NO iCloud and NO passcode,
whilst in airplane mode… it went to Apple logo and when it came back, it
left a ”blank” Pangu icon on the phone. Opening that gave black screen.

Second attempt straight after the above mentioned attempt, it installed
Cydia and Pangu as expected.

iFreeStylinVids says:

Jailbreak works fine but after, Cydia prompts for Untethered update and
upon restart it stays on the apple logo! any fix? t

GamingHD says:

If you jailbreak your iPhone, and you don’t get to charge it in time so it
shuts down from there not being any battery left, does that do anything or
can you just charge it again and it will work?

Joey Rabassa says:

PLEASE HELP! When I open pants, it says initializing please wait and it
never loads even when my phone is connected and in airplane mode, it still
won’t load and my iPhone 5S is IOS 8.1

ShqipRedandBlack says:

Someone please help me.. My iPhone 5s jailbroke just fine and the tweaks
were working, but if my phone rebooted or if i turn it off, it will get
stuck on the apple logo and i have to restore it. Ive done it 3 times
already and i know its because ive had touchID enabled as well as pascode
lock.. my question is how can i get it not to get stuck without having to
disable touch id?

Mikael Woodhouse says:

$2000 for a 6+ where I live.

David Vu says:

I keep getting put in safe mode plz help!

Icy says:

How to get the Update when your iDevice is already jailbroken?

EksLegendNL says:

Jailbreaking does slow down your iPhone quite a bit.

BAYAREA925 says:

What would happen if I jailbreak my iPhone even though I updated to 8.1 on
my phone not the computer. Anyone know what will happen because i might
risk it 

SHhelaTd says:

Could you please help me? After a couple hours of installing the jailbreak
my device randomly goes black and to the apple logo and several seconds
after im back at the lockscreen. This usually happens in the app clash of
clans for me but still randomly does it regardless of what im doing. Id it
because of some tweaks i have? I have the LocaliAPStore, f.lux, Sbflip,
cylinder, and appcake tweaks or whatever please reply to me if you know a

littlebreit says:

Hey plz help me when I try to jail break it says it can’t check your network

Chris Hohl says:

Fuck u

It's Official says:

Will the jailbreak ruin the warranty of my iPhone 4s. Will it also work if
my phone is unlocked

Haydarwag Younis says:

you are the

Grammar Police says:

What is a “jailbreak”? I’ve never heard of it. 

Ahmad Zia says:


abdallah hamed says:

Tray turn off iPhone hold home connect to iTunes till u see iTunes sign on
iPhone recovery mode and restore iPhone.
Is dos not work u need to get to iTunes file in your pc and fixit by
editing file

FanStalin says:

The question is: Will I finally be able to reboot my device with Touch
ID/Passcode enabled without having to restore?

Juan Carlos Rodriguez says:

If you interrupt cydia while his Preparing Filesystem it will delete all
the apps except for tongbu, but don’t worry just restore from itunes and
jailbreak again.

Seize Jae says:

I accidentally did the jailbreak on my iPhone 6 with passcode on and on my
laptop it says error occurred if this happens three times reboot. And on my
iPhone it says slide to upgrade and when I slide it shows the Apple logo
and progress bar when you restore. And it freezes there. How do I fix
this?? Please help

beastRobb37 says:

My iPhone 4s keeps restarting the springboard it seems like every hour it
does this at random. iOS 8.1

ARYCKA says:

can i download using my MAC?

konradM says:

Dose it work on the ipad mini?

Jahlil Beats says:

is 8.1 and 8.1.1 different? he said update to 8.1 but i cant it only says
update to 8.1.1

MXBen369 says:

Hey can someone help me? I currently have a jailbroken iPhone 5s and
everything works fine.except when I install the “jellylock7” tweak which I
really want, after it reboots it goes into safe mode and the only way to
get out of safe mode is to uninstall it. Help?

Sprango Productions says:

It keeps saying: error occured, please try again (failed over 3 times,
please reboot your Device)

Cameron Red says:

Someone help my iPad is keep restarting the springboard randomly
I’m on iOS8.1

phoenix333999 !!!!!! says:

does this work for iphone 4s

adelonic 99 says:

whats sup whit the dislikes? this video shows how to jailbreak 100% so
people dislike get a fucking life , good video bro another helpfully video 

francis turbi says:

pangu jailbreak says initializing, please wait and wont load whats going on

Sang Bui says:

I just got a new iPad air and I m going it right now. Do u think it safe
for me???

Obviously Him says:


The Respringing is an issue that they are looking into, it’s something CPU
related and they’re looking to fix it soon.

GamerN131 says:

Should I restore my iPhone I’m on iOS 8 OTA

Ben Minor Magic says:

Is jailbreaking illegal?


Why does my ipod always ask for my icloud password? Also when I try to
update an app it opens it instead. The only way I can update apps is if I
go do it one bye one on the apps page

Sultan Awad says:

so Jailbreaking using pangu 1.2.1 and boom pangu crashes and iphone got
stuck on restore in progress, tried to turn the phone off, didn’t work,
then i held home and power together the device was off restarted it and the
it’s stuck in loading screen, i put it in restore mode by holding home and
then plugging the iphone, still stuck in the same place and after 30
minutes wait itunes tell me the iphone isn’t found, so the last chance was
putting it in DFU Mode and thankfully that worked anyway with that working
itunes forced me to update to 8.1.1, is there any downgrading method?

Reza Yusuf Haryono says:

Maybe this is out of topic,

but should i leave my 7.1.2 jailbroken for this 8.1 jailbreak?

i’m using iPad 4 btw

Mrbeastly84 says:

where are the download links on the phone rebel page

Mark Lara says:

Wth my iPhone got boot loop

jon pearson says:

it wont recongnize my device ,. i have ios 8.0.2

jonny boy says:

warning..i have about 60 apps on iphone 6..i can not jaiblreak it straight
out wont work. as a heads up for anyone with many apps

astonmartinridin says:

Thanks Bro. You’re the best. Worked first time. iPhone 5C AT&T

gerard centelles says:

I have an iPhone 5s and tried to jailbreak but the start jailbreak button
doesn’t want to be available, it says “initializing please wait..”

Crazedxsmifrown says:

Can someone please help me I am trying to download it but it says preparing
the environment and it stays at 4/6 forever is that normal and I should
weight it out or should I try something different

ZobsterZombie says:

jailbroke for the first time! thnx a lot, it works perfectly!

Dinesh Naidu says:

iam using ipod touch 5 and running latest firmware 8.1 i just downloaded
the pangu from pangu official site when i tried to did that its proceeds to
half of of the process and in the middle its always saying that an error
occured start again if it persists three times reebot your device …..
plzz help 

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