Why Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Made this video for a page on our website titled, “Why Jailbreak?” –

Here is the list of apps and links to them on our website!

Appcent – When Apps Download, you’ll see a percentage instead the word “Loading…” –

AppStore Update Size – Shows the size of the update that is available for an app in the AppStore.

AppUpdateNotifier – Push notifications for the App Store –

Cyntact – Adds thumbnail images next to contacts in the phone app, contacts app & many other apps that access contacts.

Five Icon Dock – Allows for 5 icons or folders in the dock –

FolderCloser – Closes folder after launching an app

HomePage – Bring you back to your first home page after closing an app –

InfiniFolders – Allows for as many Apps in a folder as you want –

LiveClock – Make the clock icon tell the actual time –

WeatherIcon – Make the weather icon tell the actual weather –

LockSeconds – Shows seconds on the clock on the LockScreen

MusicBanners – Push Notifications when songs change –

NoNewsIsGoodNews – Remove Newstand

OpenNotifier – Notification icons in the status bar

Message Bubble Colors – Change the colors of the chat bubbles in Messages –

SBSettings – Quick access to your wifi, bluetooth, brightness & other settings –

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Trucks Unlimited says:

Lol, came because of Lecrae!!!

Ainsley Newman says:

Working jailbreak tutorial!!! GoTo:
*JailbreakBJ. co m*
Working tutorial!!!

Christopher Jacques says:


Bárándi Andrea says:

Steer clear of the ebay unlocking!! You will find countless shops that sell
unlocks that may damage the phone, a lot of us might seem to own lots good
feedback, your phone might be locked after 5 weeks if you choose these bad
unlocking methods. You should use professional service like mobileunlox,
I’ve used it for so a lot of my phones, we can even unlcok the modern 6 and

drx567987 says:


Nathaniel Gerlarneau says:

Nice choice of music 

Merissa Hatch says:

I love Lecrae

Apple iPhone School says:

I’m capturing it using the Apple HDMI adapter and a BlackMagic Intensity
Extreme. Then editing it live with BoinxTV.

Anita Chaudhary says:

He need to tell why …no bull shitting

Steven Acuna says:

Just buy an android phone. Much better and you can already do everything
you want.

TheJailbreakShop says:

because Jailbreak is awesome!

hubert dierickx says:

does jailbreak effect the appstore

Christian D. says:

never seen so may apps on a phone before haha

Apple iPhone School says:

Thanks for the reminder! I’ll do it right now!

Deepu Vijay says:

i like the way u look @ the points u’ve written down on ur left…:D

Zimpaz says:

really like these videos with the iphone screen at the side! How do you do

J Ryan says:

Over half way and I don’t see anything that would make Jailbreaking worth
it. Considering how epic people claimed a jailbroken iPhone was. :/ They’re
just very minor tweaks that are according to taste.

theherbilgerbil2029 says:

hiya, im trying to get netflix to work on my daughters i-touch 2G IOS
4.2.1, been told the only way to get netflix on older i’touch’s is to
jailbreak,, is this true, and do you have any advice on greenpois0n plz

Maciej Smoła says:

Please write down in the description names of apps used

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