Why jailbreak your iPhone?

In this video I go over a couple of the MANY reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone. check out the links below.

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Vladimir Greene says:

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nasd sads says:

OMG HAHAHAAHA these people putting up links for jailbreak that costs 20
bucks. Yeah I’ll buy that MY ASS. Just search evasi0n jailbreak on google
ios 7+ support don’t pay for it. dumbass

Robin Mathis says:

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Nyal Nunin says:

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Justice Kerr says:

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Paul Green says:

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chickensandw1tch says:

Haha! Jailbreakers developed and updated and CREATED more new things before
apple haha! though now you can for example already customize background…

TheTheswaggera says:

what did you use kevin??

Ell jefe says:

@KevnWrn wordd im from kenner ,you?

DramaticPrairieDog says:

It’s Owen Wilson!

mopar1500 says:

how ironic the customize button can’t be customized

charmeurify says:

pica pica???

FastN Furious says:

tat text message thing is from that disney channel show KP or something

MegaDrx1 says:

Is good thing to jailbreak but if you borrowed the computer to jailbreket
and don’t have it and you uset and you waste all your battery then you have
to reboot so that’s a bad reason why not to jailbreak or jailbreak but
bring your 2 chargers everywhere you go and charger every 2 or 3 hours
cause if it dies our going have to reboot

mazahler says:

Oh and you must like pikachu to make it your slider…

Zyloon says:

With guarantee I meant warranty.

Kevin Warren says:

@frankforest you ignorant fool. I’m from Louisiana 🙂

PhoneJailbreak says:

youtube.com/watch?v=eoL3BQTulRA Pinkra1n – How to jailbreak tutorial

tcskywalker says:

Does jailbreaking make my iPhone slower? And does it take Much storage?

61997july says:

@iTreasury you can get them again for free

aimhead1997 says:

wen u jailbreak an iphone and it iz not active does it activate alowing you
to make phone calls

Cupcakecutie573 says:

Guys don’t think it will mess up your iPhone my brother jailbroke his
iPhone a different way and u kno how u can only have a four apps in a row
or column well now he can hav six and his phone is faster than ever

joemobumtwizzler says:

the first few seconds of this vid cracked me up!!! his expression

j corder says:

wow how many times did he say “umm” still dont have any good reason why i
would want to jail break my old iphone.

NguyetKrebs88 says:

I scoured the internet for a super long time. Here is what I came up with.
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Una Smoole says:

you know you have video on your cam

16iamrock says:

@awesomeguy9718 Ur correct it does take away ur warranty my friend has a
iPhone 3GS and cracked the screen and took it to get fixed and the person
who fixed it removed jailbreak bc the carrier doesn’t support jailbreak
that carrier is AT&T

Christian Avery says:

I found the best . just visit this website. www.JailbreakTUT.com just go!!

Dimo says:

@505redman Well, either your iPhone was broken in the first place or UR
DOIN IT WRONG There’s no way a simple jailbreak can actually break your
mother to the point where it’s unrepairable. It’s just not possible.

Alonelypie says:

Can some of you dip shits give websites without a fucking survey

LUCKas1212 says:


TheMarkPhilips says:

unlock & jailbreak at unlockiphone4-now com

ThomasMurphy711 says:

My iPhone is on a contract for 2 years if I jailbreak it will it affect it.
And are all apps free

Gunner8495 says:

It’s Eli Manning!

JVPism says:

Look at 3:00 there is a “cannabis sliders” , That’s the reason too
jailbreak my iphone !!!

PhoneiJailbreak says:

youtube.com/watch?v=gjYWDgJxYIo NEW JAILBREAK – WHITERA1N!!!!!

ale gomez says:

why youtube trolls like to insult people here i dont know! is a mystery .i
said mystery

Pippen Portugal says:

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JordanECMusic says:

@AdamRolls lol android mops the floor with apple. enjoy your rendition of
infinity blade 😀

Francis Kim says:

@kipeharris Wow dude. you shouldn’t be saying that is a sign of stupidity
considering you can’t even spell a word that my 4 year old cousin can
spell. Fucking retard. Check your own stupidity before accusing others.

Bruno Lewis says:

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Diarmuid Langdon says:

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fraserjennifertgf says:

hi friends download redsnow from here and is working i’m trying it for my
self off-to.net / redsnow

Jeremy Coates says:

wat link did yu go to jail break ur iphone

SECHFilms says:

@KevnWrn us British are stupid we think yank means american and this ass
just means talk a little faster i quess coz u sound like ur a bit mad about
something as u would say lol

tugsnap says:

I have a feeling Jordan Fontana is pissed at you for giving out his number
to everyone on youtube..

HUundead4579 says:

u look stoned except no puffy eyes

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